Monday, March 24, 2014

...our mission leader is the spittin' image of Marty McFly...

WOW. What a week.

So I'm going to try my hardest to tell you everything in this little time I have. This week, Hermana Winn went home 'cause she had surgery on her ear and couldn't stand the pain anymore. We spent 2 whole days in Merida at the doctor for her. 

We baptized this kid Carlos, but we almost weren't able to! We only got the OK from our district leader like 2 hours before the baptism. We only taught like 3 lessons with our own investigators the whole week cause 2 days we were in Merida, and one day we were in this area called Muna doing this thing with the whole zone where we walk around in the sun all day and ask people questions about other people 'cause we have all this outdated information in the ward list.

The Hermanas from Oxcutzcab stayed with us in our house for three days which was pretty fun 'cause they're cool. And one of them isn't really a missionary, she's just pretending for 2 weeks cause we don't have enough missionaries for all the areas. She's just a member living with Hermana Sanchez. ANNDDD our ward missionary leader is the spit image of Marty McFly. Except he's Mexican. But he's totally a slacker which is kinda ironic. I feel so lonely with only one comp again, but Hermana De León is the BEST! I don't want to pick favorites with my companions, but HDL is pretty great. But she's nothing like me so it surprises me that we work together so well. 

SORRY I have to go now! We're going to Merida AGAIN!

Love you all!


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