Thursday, March 19, 2015

A visit to Campeche- seeing the ocean!!

February 16, 2015

Wow your ski trip looks so fun!! I miss the snow. And skiing. HW skis and she and I want to go skiing in Deer Valley together when we get back. It's so cool that we're together to finish our mission and we started it together, I don't know anyone else who that has happened to!

 Beautiful Campeche!! The girls live on top of a hill. and by hill I mean like mountain.... like think San Francisco... like where Judy and Ron live. Actually I don't know if they still live there... but at one point they did.. Campeche is notorious for their hills. Poor missionaries who work there always have sore legs. Including my companion who had to climb some gnarly hills and was dying the next day..

 We were really scared going up that hill. You feel like you're going to fall backwards!

Ok well this week was AWESOME and terrible at the same time. Terrible 'cause we had very low numbers because we went to Campeche for like 3 days (oh I need to tell you about that trip 'cause it was crazy!) and awesome because our recent converts, Emmanuel and Manuel, yeah, you know them right? The ones who got baptized like 2 and 3 months ago? Yeah yesterday they received the MELCHIZEDEK PRIESTHOOD!! They had a special conference with all the Melchizedek priesthood holders 'cause there were like 8 in the stake who could receive it! Isn't that crazy!?? M didn't get it cause he is presently having issues... BUT we're pretty happy. 

El mar:) SOOO this is what the ocean looks like in Mexico! we got to go to Campeche and I saw the ocean for the first time in my whole mission! It was so pretty and we ran along the boardwalk and it was so fun! 
HW and I going off to sea. We decided to become pirates. 

Also, Fatima is doing great. She's already baptized herself. The other day she was talking to us and she said "when I WAS catholic..." and we're like "Hermana, When did you get baptized??" Haha she's awesome. 

 Also, I ate this fish. HW loves fish and she always tells the members that she wants fish for lunch so they make it for us and I am about ready to never eat it again! This was a whole fish fried all together. with the eyes and the teeth and everything. So that was fun

Yeah I finished it.
Valentine's day pancakes! 

OK I'm going to have to copy HW's letter on here cause they're kicking me off the computer now, sorry! I'll try to do better on time next week! Love you all bye!!


Tuesday, March 10, 2015

"In the spirit of Valentine's day we are currently playing cupid..."

February 9, 2015

Mom and other people,

Yeah it would be great to have a washer, but I have been washing clothes our of a bucket for the past year also so anything goes really. Yeah HW totally wants to room with us! She is deciding between UVU and BYU. 

UGH se me hizo tarde otra vez hoy y no voy a tener tanto tiempo para escribirles [I'm late again today so I don't have much time to write you]. BUT I told HW to send me her email that she sent to her family so I can borrow chunks of it and everything will be a lot faster. Hahaha we're so sneaky:) 

[The following is her hijacked email that HW wrote]  Sooooo H Williams and I are back to being two instead of three.. again! Hermana C only ended up staying with us until Tuesday afternoon but it was fun being her companion while it lasted. On Tuesday we had leadership conference with President Garcia! We focused on Mexico's area plan for 2015 and how we can apply it to our lives as missionaries, the members and others that we are teaching. The blessings of the plan are really specific and the goal is to help everyone be more spiritually and temporally self sufficient.  I think that's how you say it in English at least hahaha. 

Zone Volleyball game - Just the Girls!

Also I realized this week how thankful I am to have a temple so close to where I am right now. The temple is like 20 minutes away from Chichen and we were able to go on a few tours of the temple this week with our investigators. Manuel took his daughter Fatima, his grandkids and our other investigators Manuela, Rosi and her two kids in his van all the way to the temple. we got there and all get out and everyone got quiet and could immediately feel the spirit of the temple. We went inside the waiting room and had a really cool lesson about family history and temple work. Everyone got really excited about family history and Manuel shared his testimony about the temple and how it has helped him. He is the sweetest!  When we were leaving the temple Pres Garcia (President Garcia's brother who is the temple president) came out all dressed in white and Manuela (who is like 60) went up to him and gave him a hug without saying anything and while we were walking back to the car she said "this truly is like Heaven on earth" it was so cute.
Also today HW and I were doing our own family history and I discovered that there are like 23 temple ordinances available to be done on Dad's side, and I am going to try to take them to the temple next time the mission let's us go!!! I appreciate it so much more that we are actually allowed to go inside now and everything:)

"Us in the house. Its casual Friday so that's why I am wearing flip flops. 
Just kidding, casual Friday does not exist in the mission..."

Other great news, Rosi (the mom of Roger Rosi, don't get confused, there are two Rosis we are teaching right now..) is back home and progressing again! YES!  She left our area to live with her other daughter for a couple weeks and everything kind of got put on hold but she came to church this week so it's all good. In the spirit of Valentine's day we are currently playing cupid and devising a brilliant plan to get together Rosi with our recent convert Manuel!! They are both widowed and looking for a companion, and about the same age!!! And they both like to talk a lot and live with one of their daughters in our area...... So we'lI see how that goes am so excited!  Also we have another super cute 18 year old investigator named Mishel. she is so sweet and she is so involved with all of the activities in the church and she is reading the Book of Mormon and praying and doing everything that she should be doing but she doesn't have a baptismal date yet. We are hoping that really soon she will accept! I will send pictures of her next week, The tips of her hair are green!

"Emmanuel invited us to his house for lunch. Chicken and green spaghetti:)"

Ok well that's all folks. I gotta go now, love you all!