Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Merida- Como Te Quiero!

 OH MY GOODNESS I'M SO INCREDIBLY JEALOUS THAT I'M MISSING ALL THE EXCITEMENT AT THE TEMPLE!! [referring to the Gilbert Temple Cultural Celebration ]. No es justo [No fair!].. Can you send me pictures? of EVERYTHING and everyone? 
AH not sure what I should say... 

Well we met this guy the other day, a referencia from Edgar, and we weren't going to go, but then we decided to, and turns out he's BIEN potente [ready]. He accepted una fecha [a baptismal date] before we even taught a real lesson! We were just kinda talking to him about our message, and then listening to him talk alot (About 90% of all our lessons consist of listening because the people here love to talk...) And he was talking about life after this life and the importance of baptism and all this stuff and so HV looks at me and gives the invitaciòn bautismal sign (We made up our own missionary sign language, and so we have this sign that means invite to baptism- its the letter b with your right hand and wave it in front of your face one time as if swatting a mosquito or something.) So he accepted and then came to church the next day!!! Wahoo!
 Merida- "How I love you!"

 Hma Laura and Sam

 Los tres testigos

Their chapel in Merida

And we only have 2 investigadores [investigators] progressing but they're both super good. The other is this girl Monica, the novia of a menos activo [girlfriend of a less active] and she's super prepared too. She just has to get married first. ALSO we STILL haven't put a fecha for Ligia ( Do you know who Ligia is? can't remember if I already told you about her or not..) But she's... something else. She's super great and is totally in to reading her Book of Mormon which is like incredible, but she isn't considered "Progressing" unless she has a bautismal date and we can't seem to do that for some reason.... I don't know. Ugh Whatever.

In other news, my companions and I have this eternal struggle of trying to learn the other's accent. I can't seem to master the spanish accent 'cause (well HV says anyway) that gringo's talk with the throat, and latino's talk "afuera." and they can't do the gringo accent cause they can't do the TH sound. Well HL can't anyway. Its pretty entertaining listening to her try to say my name. HV has a pretty good american accent, and knows a few english phrases, which she learned from watching Jersey Shore... So she knows how to say "Shut up" and "I hate you." Good thing we're missionaries and we use these phrases all the time... I video recorded one of these conversations one time and it's pretty funny and I wish I could send it but it's too big... Maybe you could send me a flash drive in the mail or something and I could put all my pictures and videos on it and send it back? Ok well we've got to go now, but I love you all and I'll try to send pictures!


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