Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I got to watch General Conference and it was awesome!

Ah so sorry I can't ever give you guys a ton of information, I have to email president first and usually some old companions about some important missionary stuff like what's up in my old area and Como se llama la mamá de hermana Eunice y donde vivé y es miembro o no?[What's Sister Eunice's mom's name and where does she live and is she a member ?] and stuff like that. And I usually go in order of who emailed me during the week and you usually email like last so yeah.. 

Yeah I got to watch [General  ]conference and it was awesome! Well the last 4 talks were... the rest I had to watch in Spanish and it was so tiring sitting in the dark chapel for 4 hours trying to listen attentively and translate the  talks from Spanish to English..  I didn't get a ton out of the first 3 sessions but during the last one my district leader decided to have mercy on me and invited me along with this other gringo elder in my district to watch it on the other room in English with this couple who is trying to learn English. My favorite of these was.... ok I don't remember his name... cambridge or something? He talked about Joseph Smith and the "flood of revelation" in stark contrast from the beliefs of the world that came to him in a very short time.

Yeah every once in a while I remember that I only have a year left. It's super weird, I feel like I JUST got here and I should still be being trained... But hey now I'm training. So that's cool.

"This weird fruit called cayomitos."

My companion's name is Hermana T. She's super great and doesn't even need to be trained. We dominate lessons  and are kinda learning the area together cause this area is still super new for me. She's from Coahuila Mexico and she plays the flute and she likes show tunes. Yeah, she's my first companion that knows and likes musicals. Sometimes when we're walking we'll sing songs from Les Mis or Phantom or something, but we change the words to make it about missionary  work. Needless to say, we get along very well together. I'll send pictures!

Ok I don't have time again but I want to tell you about this guy Freddy. He's the husband of a member and at first never accepted the missionaries, but then they started having problems with their marriage and he's trying to save his marriage and is taking the lessons from us. Which is only slightly unsettling cause we're pretty sure that's the only reason he's listening to us.. and it's a very noble cause, but he needs a testimony of his own ya know?
"Carlos, the kid we baptized. He rocks." 

"Us again, with Irvin this time. Irvin is who baptized Carlos. He rocks too."

So anywho he's like the greatest investigator and always has questions and in a week and a half he read like the first 16 chapters of Nephi and he has all these inspired questions and he retains information like none other. And if all goes according to plan we're going to baptize him on the 26th!! Which will be like record time for us cause that's the date that we put for him in the first lesson, and almost nobody ever actually gets baptized on the date they put in the first lesson. So pray for Freddy.
Ah I want to say more but I'll just send pictures and hope that's enough
Love you all bye!


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