Wednesday, November 19, 2014

"For behold, this is my work and my glory-to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man."

Monday November 10, 2014

OK so I know I sound like a broken record here but I have NO TIME today... p day ends at 6 and that's when we started writing.... BUT it's not our fault 'cause the zone leaders never told us that we could write today 'cause they told us we had to wait and... Ok it's a really long story nevermind.,.
BUT this week went really great!!!! Even though we had to go to 2 random leadership meetings this week and do divisions twice we actually got a lot done and we're so stoked. Know why???  'Cause being a missionary rocks!!

On Tuesday we had our leadership meeting with president and the assistants and all the zone leaders and sister training leaders, everybody argued a lot and we talked about how we need to work with the members more to be able to accomplish what it says in Moses 1:39 ["For behold, this is my work and my glory-to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man."]

THEN I went on divisiones[splits] to Baca (this little tiny town with a zillion mosquitos and people who totally come to church:)

THEN on Wednesday we taught a gay guy who likes to talk way too much, and came late to Merida again to finish the divisions, so HW and I had to RUN to the church to teach our English classes and have an awesome consejo de barrio [ward council meeting] and the elderes bought us donuts and KFC so that was fun:)

On Thursday we brought a member with us who had never come with the sisters before on lessons, and she loved it and wants to go with us every Thursday from here on out! And we ate with the lady Y we're reactivating and she's so great.

On FRIDAY we were supposedly going to have our zone conference like planned as usual, but at the last second the assistents call and tell us we have emergency changes, and all the leaders are coming to Merida again for another leadership meeting! So we go and get a ton of revelation to then pass on to our zones, but then they tell us that the next day we have to do our zone conference and we have to go to both of our zones that we cover (We have 2) SO we had to do emergency divisions with the other zone so that HW could go there for THEIR zone conference and give the capacitacion and I would do it alone in ours.

SO on Saturday we did that and then there was a baptism that night of the Elderes and 2 of our investigators came! (Manuel and Miguel) and on Sunday, Jasmin and Manuel came to church and Miguel didn't but we went to visit him and he told us he wants to go out on visits with us so we were like .... ok sure why not? and we took him with us to visit another investigator and Miguel was SO AWESOME!!! He was like talking about the restoration and he says :"I haven't been baptized yet but I have prayed about the Book of Mormon and..." and we are just sitting there with mouths wide open... And then we took him to this stake missionary meeting where our awesome stake missionary leader planched us all with his fantastic words and Miguel was totally pumped up and we're so sure he's going to be a missionary. He just needs to get baptized first:) 

<but how cool is that?? Just hours before, we talked about his baptism and he was a little unsure, but then after the meeting we stuck around (Jasmin was getting her baptismal interview, she's getting baptized tomorrow:) and were talking and he's like "wait, what day is my baptism, the 29th? what time? are we going to invite everyone?" HA! the power of a group of ward missionaries in a room... :)
So yup. Jasmin is getting baptized tomorrow and she's so excited, she invited her boyfriend to church and he came and she's been like reading the Book of Mormon with him and everything"!!  She is so cool.

In other news there's this group of teenagers that literally hangs out smoking and laughing and being punks and probably drinking too in front of our house every night. But literally, they are RIGHT in front of the door and we have to ask them to move out of the way to get in.... We always invite them to church and then we blast Mo-Tab [Mormon Tabernacle Choir] and sing hymns right on the other side of the door, but they always come back. I bet it's the Spirit they feel that keeps drawing them back. The first night we were scared and called the zone leaders to complain but then we realized they are harmless. And we gave them a word of wisdom pamphlet and told them to read it. And then we told them they were going to be condemned if they kept breaking that commandment. No just kidding we didn't do that. But we thought it...

In other other news, our ward has 6 missionaries (one of only 2 wards in the whole mission that have 3 companionships of missionaries by the way.. nbd..) and we are all gringos. Except for elder F, he's from the Dominican Republic.

Oh my gosh it's like already Christmas here.. the grocery store already is selling Christmas trees, and HW and I are already praying that we stay together for Christmas. We are so stoked and we REALLY want to stay here together next transfer!! Pray for it!!

Today we went to the grocery store that's right next to the church early this morning to get ingredients 'cause we want to make chocolate chip cookies, but hey turns out that chocolate chips don't exist in Mexico. And neither does frosting. or brown sugar. Know why? 'Cause those things don't contain pig fat or corn. And the things that don't contain pig fat or corn don't exist in Yucatan.
Yeah it's great. 

HW and I are going on a diet. which will be extremely hard 'cause the people feed us pure oil and corn and pig fat. and sometimes a salad (a couple leaves of letttuce and a tomato with lots of chile and lime and salt. It's actually super delicious.)
So anyway we went to Walmart today to find chocolate chips!!! and they are like

OK wow that was long.. Sorry Mom you are going to kill me but I don't have my camera right now... long story... but I PROMISE I will send pictures next week!