Monday, March 24, 2014

Now I'm in Ticul and it's pretty fun...

People who read this.
What do you think happened to me?
Cambios especiales. [Special transfers- missionaries get moved around to different areas periodically so this was Samantha's first transfer away from Merida] AGAIN. 2 weeks before normal cambios.
UGHHH so Saturday night we're out talking to this lady, and we get a call from the assistente menor. 
"Buenes noches habla Hermana Smith" [Good evening, this is Sis. Smith speaking ]
"Hermana Smith habla Elder Coffman. We have some special changes for you! Don't faint ok?"
"Digame elder." [Tell me, Elder]
"Mañana you are leaving Tanlum and moving to the lovely little pueblecito [town]  de Ticúl!"
THAT short of notice!! So we had to go home and pack everything and wait for president to show up at our house with the assistentes and I was not exactly super excited cause we were SO CLOSE to baptizing Marcelo and Wendy and now I'm gone and I didn't get to say goodbye to any of the ward or anything!! 
Que triste. [How sad]
BUT now I'm in Ticul and it's pretty fun. Its a tiny little city like 2 hours from Merida and I'm with Hermana De Leon and Hermana Winn. HWinn came here with me- she's from my same generation. They're pretty sweet. We have a baptism this Saturday with this kid named Carlos so yehah. But I don't know Carlos. I know Marcelo. And now I'll never see his baptism. Ok ok sorry I'm done being bitter. But the big news is that Presidente told me yesterday when we were at his house that I'm going to be the senior companion here and that's why I had to come 2 weeks early. SO I have 2 weeks to learn the area and meet everyone and understand their Spanish and all that good jazz. I'm not too worried about being senior comp cause I feel like I spent the last 4 weeks doing everything so I'm used to it, but I DON'T KNOW THIS AREA. So that frightens me a bit. 

But cool stuff happened this week. We had this ocho principios capacitación thing for 2 days in centro, so martes and miercoles [Tuesday and Wednesday]  we went to centro for the whole day to learn how to be better missionaries. And we were with zona centro- Hermana Willams zone so that was way fun!! I'll try to send a pic of that. We put another date for baptism with Wendy and we have a ton of hope for this one 'cause she's supposed to already  have her papers that she needs to get married so if all goes well she can be baptized march 29th! The LAST DAY before cambios. Not that I'll be able to be there for her... but oh well. 

So after getting all pumped up to be super good missionaries for 2 days, we had our super awesome activity on Jueves [Thursday]- have I told you about that yet? Elier (coolest missionary leader anyone could ever ask for) totally planned this whole cool "trip to Hawaii" thing and it was an open house in the capilla [chapel] for investigators- put on by the members depicting the plan of salvation. They did like a little show pretending to be in an airplane crash and die, and the missionaries came in and we were like "What happens after we die?" and we took them in little groups to different rooms that represent the different kingdoms of glory and it was sooo successful!!! AH I have to tell you more about it but I have to go now...:( 

Love you all lots!


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