Wednesday, March 5, 2014

"Ore hasta siente algo"

So good news, My companion's situation isn't terrible. Hermana V [Sam's new companion] is super cool and actually way easy for me to understand for some reason. There's like certain people that I can understand way better than others. Turns out just the first day she was missing her old area a ton and felt left out cause HL and I already knew each other. But all three of us get along way good and we actually teach way good together too! The only thing is latino girls tend to attract a lot of drama... And as it turns out this includes missionaries too... Hermana V (whom everyone told us was super strict) is actually way chill with the rules. And Hermana L, (whom the president warned us not to let get away with breaking any rules or anything) gets super anxious when we're not being super duper exactly obedient and like for example praying at exactly 10:30 or something. Soooo last night we had a little bit of drama with that but they worked it out. I think.
 Haha but we have a ton of fun and we've had a ton of success this week! Well it's success by our areas standards. We had 18 lecciones con miembro presente [lessons with members], y 12 otras lecciones [other lessons]! And usually we have like 10 if we're lucky!! Of course, HV counts the lessons differently than HG so yeah...
 Sisters of her old zone plus Elder Rosales- she almost seems tall!!

 Hma Laura, Sam, Hma Garcia

But still I feel pretty good about this week. And I feel pretty good about being competent in this area too. I have pretty much been leading all the lessons and planning all week cause they don't know the area as well and I don't mind cause I think it's good practice. But it is pretty stressful too. Ok story. Yes I am getting Hayden's emails, and Andrew's too!  And actually last week I read something in Hayden's letter that really stuck with me, he told a story about these two guys whom he invited to read the Book of Mormon and then pray about it- like all missionaries do like 20 times a day right? But then he said that one of these guys told him that after reading a little, he prayed until he felt something, and then he felt this amazing love and peace and desire to keep reading and got all the way to 2 nephi 27. And I haven't been able to stop thinking about that all week! Oh gosh what I wouldn't give to have an investigator do that and have that same patience and faith! He prayed UNTIL HE FELT SOMETHING. So often we pray and expect an answer right away and when we don't receive it we get all discouraged. or even more often, we pray, and then never wait and listen for an answer.

 And this I think is the biggest problem with all our investigators right now, especially this one lady Marcela. She's way good and super nice and always wants to listen to us, and we keep inviting her to pray to receive and answer and she hasn't felt anything yet! And whenever we pray with her her prayers are always super fast and... well they lack sincerity. And so this last lesson I made a cute little notecard that says "Ore hasta siente algo" which means Pray until you feel something. And I stuck it in my scriptures in the book of Enos, and our last visit with Marcela we read the book of Enos with her and talked about the importance of praying sincerely, and later HL shared her testimony of how she received her answer about the Libro de Mormon and started crying and if you couldn't feel the spirit in there then you wouldn't be able to feel someone hitting you over the head with a ton of bricks. Hope we got through to her. And shout out to Dille for the story.

Well my times up! I have more to say like always but I'll tell you next week!


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