Monday, October 28, 2013

P-day is Wednesday!! Favorite day of the week :)

So my P-days are on Wednesdays so that's when I'll be able to email you back. For dear elder our unit number is 815 I believe, and the address for sending letters or packages or whatever is: 

Provo Missionary Training Center
2005 N 900 E
Provo, UT 84604
United States

I miss you all too!  So M took me to temple square for the first time the day before I came to the MTC and it was AMAZING! its rreally pretty there and way huge! Ok I totally understand why people write a novel in their weekly emails cause there's so much to say!!!!! Where to begin? So I would LOVE to get dear elders from you and everyone else who would be willing to cayuse they're kinda a big deal here. Like every day mi companera will check the mail and ALWAYS there will be something for her in there. me and this other hermana in my district are the only people who haven't gotten any mail from home yet....:( but my companions mom is already sending me a package haha so its ok.

MY COMPANION: Ok her name is Hermana W and I LOVE her!!! She is the cutest funniest girl ever and I'm so glad shes my companion!! The first day I met her I was a little skeptical cause she was like wayy too smiley and happy and I thought it would get annoying but I LOVE it! She's super optimistic and encouraging and has the same sense of humor as me. Just think of Hailey my cousin. Thats EXACTLY how she is. Seriously she reminds me so much of  Hailey. But yeah we're pretty much best friends now, and she's my roommate, along with 2 other Hermanas that I love just as much! like the 4 of us just get along so well! The other two are Hermama D who is super great and funny and way sassy and sarcastic so her and I get along soo well, and Hermana S who is just super sweet.

So I never thought the CCM (MTC) would be this FUN! I just mostly thought it would be a lot of studying and praying and stuff, and it totally is, but I have never laughed so much in my life. Seriously, hermana w and I just laugh our heads off every single day and we already have so many funny stories that we've either experienced ourselves, or have heard from the older hermanas in our zone. oh and our zone is WAYY fun too!! Today our zone leaders and sister training leaders (They're all in the same district) all left today for Argentina and we had a testimony meeting for them last night and it was way cool! And even though we've only known them for a week it feels like we've known them for months!! Kinda like EFY. Actually the ccm reminds me so much of EFY. Its amazing how time works here, The days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days!! Like, the first week FLEW by and it feels like we JUST got here yesterday, but I can't even remember what I had for breakfast this morning cause it was so long ago!! Its weird.

So pretty much what we do all day is wake up, get ready, go to our classroom, PAUSE. Ok so we aren't on the main MTC campus, we're on the west campus, which is about 10 minutes away from the main campus. All of the spanish speaking misionaries are here which is cool cause every time you pass someone you can be like "Hola, como esta?" and they'll be like "Muy bien, y tu?" and you totally understand what they're saying whereas on the main campus where ALL the other languages are, you could be like "Hello!" Or "hola!" or whatever, and they'd be like ishdfgsoiudfngfckelsdkfh back and you're Haha and everyone says our food is way better and our rooms are way bigger and nicer so that's fun! but what I'm getting at is that the west campus is just like some housing units that were bought out by the mtc after like a zillion misionaries put in there papers and they needed more room, so our classroom is like some apartment room, and our cafeteria is like some portable mobile home thing, and for gym, we just play 4 square or something outside our apartments. its like recess. its fun. i'm getting really good at 4 square. PLAY. so we go to our classroom/ apartment thing and study for like an hour, then its breakfast, then usually just personal/companion study/ language study/ whatever with breaks for lunch, gym, dinner, and district meetings or devotionals or whatever. needless to say, we're pretty well acquainted with our classroom. and our district. and our teacher, hermano cuadra. He's the coolest.

 OH! funny story about hermano C, he was P N's companion for a while while he was on his mission! He told us this super cool story yesterday about this family in Chile that he was going to baptize, but then he got emergency transferred with PN, or Elder N I guess, to this mission in chile that has been closed for like 8 years or something, where he met this SAME FAMILY'S son who had gone off the deep end and taught him, but then he took off and he went his whole mission not knowing what happened to that guy, until the very last day or something, where he ran into the whole family at this temple and got to watch them being sealed with each other. it was so cool!! I wish I could tell you guys all the story's I've heard but this email would be entirely too long!!! And I don't know who all is reading this now, but mom you should forward it to the C's cause that might be cool for them to hear. OHMYLANTA! I need peoples emails! Or I need them to email me!  and tell everyone to dear elder me pleasee!!!

OK about my district, elders F, C, and Jensen are our elders, along with me, and the other three hermanas. We party in class. not really, we actually just study and try to learn Spanish, but sometimes it feels like a party. And Spanish is coming along! I'm surprised how fast too! Well I guess not fast, but I'll just realize that I can totally remember  ALOT of what I've learned, even after just hearing a word once or something! Like, in our first investigator lesson (Which was on the SECOND DAY mind you) I would be able to kinda sorta talk to her with words that I just heard her using, and I could figure out what they mean... does that make sense? Anywho we have to teach her again tonight and I'm WAYY nervous but Hermana W seems pretty chill. hopefully it'll only get easier! 

Anywho I dont know if you got my one letter I sent you,  if the gov't is still on lockdown or whatever, that would probably affect how fast letters get to you guys, but I sent one on my second day in the ccm. and in case you didn't get it yet, I'll just tell you again, I did NOT pack right. it's muy FRIO here and I have like one wimpy raincoat... and no jeans. SOO that being said, I made a list of things that I was HOPING, if you loved me, you could send me? :D

SO today is pday, and we get to go to the temple today, and we did our laundry this morning, andddd we go to brighams landing which is apparently really fun, OH! and BYU is going to be so awesome. Hermana D went there and we're already planning on hanging out together there when the mish is over. Ok well there's so much more I need to tell you guys, but my hour is almost up and I haven't written anyone else yet!! let the record show that I spend all my time emailing people who don't even bother to send me mail or dear elders or ANYTHING... chiste chiste chiste!! I know you couldn't haha. Anywho, I love you all!! Tell Miranda to send me an email from her account!! I'll try to send pictures but i dont know if i can..... ok love you! Hasta Luego!

ok I got the pictures to work , the first is me y mi companera, hermana W, the first day I met her. the second is just all the hermanas in our district/ my roomates