Thursday, January 1, 2015

Yep we're totally saving souls.

December 15, 2014

Aww cookie swap! I bet it was way fun. Skype? Not sure about all the details yet, but I assume it's about the same as last year. I know we get to call on the 25th, and I assume we just use a members computer to Skype and it will probably be between the hours of 11am and 9pm.... haha sorry I don't know who we'll be with that day yet! But I know I'll be with HW. I'm so excited for you guys to meet her!!!!

The district with this less active family that feeds us the best food ever. Hermana Yoni and her husband Emir. He doesn't smile.

Missionaries Christmas caroling in the park!

You know what President told us today over email? That the only reason we should be separated is when we get married! Haha he pretty much told us that if we keep having this much success in our area that he's not going to change us, He'll just keep us here in Chichen until the end of the mission!! Ahh we're way excited!! Seriously, Hermana Williams is so great and I know I'm so blessed to have her as a companion cause she works so hard and we push each other but we both know the limits and just think the same way and find a way to be laughing and having fun like every second of the day!
Yep we're totally saving souls. This week was a crazy week but ended way good! 

 We took Emmanuel to the temple Saturday, and I saw this lady from my first area! Barrio Tanlum!! 

So last Monday "Elder Schwab" a return missionary that served in Merida came and knocked on our door around 9 and gave us a giant box of chips and salsa (something that isn't very common to eat here in Mexico) and a bunch of cookies.  He served here about a year ago and came back to visit his mission and all of the houses that he lived in!! He's way cool and pretty much spent the week in Chichenitza playing video games with the members bur helped us out a ton and drove us around a little.  He's way cool.

SO the 12th of December is a holiday here. Its virgin day... :/  People here don't just put up Christmas lights, they put flowers and candles and blinking Christmas lights all over their virgin Maria or Guadalupe or whatever it is, and they have "novenas" which are where all the Catholic neighbors come over and sit in chairs facing the virgin and they sing and chant and pray to her for like an hour. 

ANYWHO so needless to say we didn't have much success that day.

So you remember that kid who I told you was GOLDEN that we met last Sunday? M's friend? So we taught him the restoration the other day and Elder Schwab and M accompanied us, and it went SO WELL! The Spirit was soo strong and he was asking inspired questions and he told us that he's really looking for the truth and he is reading and praying and really wanted to know how he could recognize the Spirit and everything. And he came to church on Sunday!! We were so excited and so sure that he loved it and was going to get baptized, but afterward he comes up to us to tell us that he loved the church service and everything that we were teaching him, but that he wanted to stay Catholic.. ..?? It was so lame!!! and THEN he stuck around after church with the P family ('cause he was going to go home with them) and took pictures with us!!! What is up with this kid?? That's like breaking up with someone and then taking pictures after! Elder Hainsworth told us that it's like keeping the dog in the house after it dies... We aren't really sure what happened, but we fully plan on seeing him again someday.
This is a picture of all the missionaries of Chichen with the family Palma Martinez. Kinda.. we're just missing a few. OK story, there's a kid in this picture who is our ex- investigator. You want to know what happened? It's that kid I told you about last week who was GOLDEN! and he DUMPED us after church!!! we cried

BUT cool story cause this guy H came to church and he told us he loved it and he is definitely getting baptized. He cried when we showed him the "He is the gift" video. he belongs to this alcoholics anonymous (however you spell that word) group and he's so cool.

I am really excited for Christmas!
Chichen itza is the greatest ward in all of Merida!!
If you want to know who to pray for, pray for Henry Mota, Charlie Chan, Emmanuel Moo, Mariela and Manuel Zavala, Landero, Hija and Juan Carlos to all get baptized and go to church, and Manuel and Miguel and Jasmin to stay active! 

Thanks love you all bye!

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