Sunday, January 4, 2015

"I think I have sung every single Christmas song in the Spanish hymnbook close to 10 times so far."

December 23, 2014


I think I have sung every single Christmas song in the Spanish hymnbook close to 10 times so far.
We did an activity like 4 times where we go to these things called tianguis which are outdoor vendors and it's just people who sell random stuff and they have them a couple times every week. SO we went and sang and showed videos and contacted people. first we did it in the Elders area, and then our area, and then the other Elders area, and we got a ton of references! It was so cool to be sharing the Christmas spirit to the Mexican people trying to sell clothes and watches and toys and food to people on the street.
Christmas caroling activity! We did this 4 times this week and it was so fun! We're wearing hats not cause it's cold but because the ward made us hats. They're so cool!!

ALSO we had a baptism! We were so excited! E is wayy cool and it was kinda sad 'cause nobody in his family came to see him get baptized and his ex girlfriend kept calling him and bugging him, telling him not to get baptized, up until the very last minute, but he stayed strong and was like "I don't care I know this is true and I'm doing the right thing!" And the ward totally took him in and made him feel good:) I think we're going to try to skype at his house on Thursday so maybe you guys can meet him! He seems all serious and tranquil at first but he's really so sassy and sarcastic and hilarious!
Emmanuel!!!!!!! Got baptized! He's sooo cool!!! But I don't know why he doesn't smile in pictures... Mexicans never smile..

Also we're losing our investigators...  nobody came to church and we're worried but whatever. It's been a crazy week and it'll get all better next week. We didn't even have time to do divisions at all this week!
 Talent show! The sister training leaders and zone leaders of zone brisas sang and it was fabulous. and kind of lame but way fun!

 Mission party lunch!  The whole mission gets together once a year for Christmas and it's a whole day thing and it's so fun!!!!!!!!

Pictures with the hats that the ward made us! Nightlife in the mish

AH Ok I have to go but we'll talk on Thursday! Remind me to tell you about Torta Dan and our game that HW and I invented and "PERDON!" and a bunch of funny stuff I have to tell you!

Ok bye talk to you Thursday!

Thanks so much love you all!


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