Sunday, January 4, 2015

"I just want to be a missionary forever!"

December 29, 2014

Sorry I think today is going to be a short boring email  'cause I had to do a bunch of BYU stuff but I'll send pictures!
I don't know who gave us that gingerbread house, but that was the cutest gift idea ever!!!!!!!!!!! We made it with the bishops kids and some other kids in the ward. This is Christmas eve when we ate with the bishop and our missionary leader and their families and some other people. But it was soo fun making the gingerbread houses with the kids!!!!!

Cool that I'm a missionary and I totally was online for almost an hour today thinking about college stuff... Ugh I hate it! I just want to be a missionary forever! But I guess I do kinda need to go to college and have a life so whatever. 

Haha anyways to answer your questions and everything, after we finished Skyping, I called Grandpa and I could see and hear them and they could see me but they couldn't hear me! So we fiddled with that for a while and Emmanuel got super cool and was communicating with Grandpa and telling him what to do to get the speakers to work but writing notes and holding them up to the camera. His English was a lot better than I thought! Anyways in the end Darby and I ended up signing to each other to communicate (I didn't know she was learning sign language!) and I forgot almost everything that I knew, but we got the message through. And then we gave up and I just told them to talk to me and I would listen. But then it was really late and we had to go home, and that was our whole day! 
We ate WAY good for Christmas and Christmas eve. There's this thing called fruit cocktail that everyone makes here for Christmas (tradition) and it's really good. Our stake mission leader Moises (the one who I was telling you about who wants the beef jerky) actually invited us to his house for dinner even though he's not even in our ward... but he totally loves us so it's cool!

 I found these cute Missionary stockings at Deseret Industry [Camille speaking here]

Fun stockings!!!!!!! We absolutely LOVED them!

Opening presents!!

Wow Christmas sounds way fun!!!!!!!! I'm so happy you guys had a good time! I love looking at pictures of everyone! Miranda is so pretty and Em is soo cute! 

Color of my room.. hmm i don't know. surprise me. Something cute and creative. I trust Mimi. Haha I was kinda half kidding about the Mexican thing but if you can make it look bedroom appropriate that'd be cool! There's some cute Mexican looking fabrics and patterns and stuff so I trust that Mimi can do really great things with that! But honestly I'm not going to be there for that long before going to college right? So don't break your backs doing some great extravagant thing, I don't want you guys to spend a ton of money or anything. but the only thing I do seriously request is if there is a way to get the hooks on the wall so I can hang up my hammock, that would be awesome!!!!!!! 

Wow that would be so exciting to see Hailey in April! I miss her a ton!
Another thing, I'm inviting HW to come visit us in Arizona sometime for fall break or something next year. Hope that's cool.. 
Also, are you guys coming here to pick me up in April? When are we having family vacation here in Merida? I want you guys to meet all my friends here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm working on the application thing. let me know if there's something I need to do!!!! Also, could somebody look into how I could maybe get a job in the MTC as a teacher or something?

I love you all, Christmas went great, and the church is true!!!!!


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