Tuesday, January 27, 2015

"So we ate way delicious food on New Years day and a TON of it too!"

January 5, 2015


Hey thanks for updating the blog!! And for doing all this BYU stuff! I really appreciate it!

OK so this week was great. Kind of. Well so New Years we didn't really sleep at all because our neighbors are party animals and were blasting loud music all night and they were burning this viejo [old man] which is like a tradition that they do here where they make this life-size stuffed old man and fill it with fireworks and sit him on a chair, and then at midnight, they burn him. And its SOO LOUD!  I'll send a pic of it. We took a video too but I don't know if it will go through. It represents like the past year dying or something, but I think it's just a fun thing they invented to keep the missionaries from sleeping...haha

So then we ate way delicious food on New Years day and a TON of it too! Mexicans are so generous and just give us so much food. Our fridge has never been so full. But the best part of the week was not until the end. In fact, we really had like a horrible week in the way of numbers. or so we thought! It seemed like every day we were just walking and walking and not teaching anyone! But on Saturday I think it was, we both got back from divisions and just decided to really focus and stop speaking English, because we had a real problem with that 'cause we always just spoke in English and joked around and stuff, but we decided to just cut it out and speak only Spanish. So we were doing that, and we started fasting on Saturday for the Lord to bless us with at least the investigators who we are teaching at church, because that's been a real problem too. But guess how many investigators showed up at church... 10.

 I have never had TEN investigators in church in one day before, That's insane!!!!!!! And they were all like families!!!!! Manuel (our recent convert) brought his daughter and his son in law and the grandkids who have never let us teach them before and were never interested but they just decided to come to church one day to check it out and they loved it!!!!!!!!! Also this random couple who we met literally the day before came with one of their neighbors! Literally, we saw them in the street and we were like "hey wanna come to church tomorrow?" and they were like "yeah!" and we picked them up and they totally came! And I'm not 100% sure that they were not drinking a very short time before, but they said they loved church and they even told us that they want to get married there and get baptized and everything!!! So that was way cool. Also, our coolest investigator right now is Rosi, and she's the mom of a recent convert of the elders, named Roger. And she's WAY COOL!! The first time we met her she was like "my son has changed so much, before he was so rude and he drank and had problems with his wife but then they met the elders and got married and baptized and now he knows God and I want to do all that too so I can set an example for my other kids!" And we asked her to get baptized and she was like "I will do absolutely whatever I need to to feel clean before God!"  We're hoping for her baptism the 17th of January.. Pray for her!!! Also, pray for her grandkids (Monserrat and Antonio) and Charlie Chan, and Manuel's family (Luis, Fatima, Briget, and Kenneth) and Wendy and Manuel (yes another one..) and Carla. thank you:)

Well I have to go now but I love you all dearly and hope you are all well!!


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