Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Ticul is kinda the celestial kingdom if it existed here on the earth.

 Changes are NEXT WEEK and I'm freaking out cause I REALLY don't want to leave my area.. I don't know if you've noticed but Ticul is kinda the celestial kingdom if it existed here on the earth. HT calls it T- COOL. We've had a LOT of success lately. this month alone 4 baptisms! Oh yeah, we baptized 2 kids on friday:) Woah that was an exciting day!. The days we baptize are always CRAZY! Not quite as crazy as Martin's, but just as suspenseful, if not more. I'll send pictures of it and I'll just give the shortened version of the story. 

So we met this family on Mothers day, remember when I talked to you guys? And the mom Maria had come to the church looking for help for her son who has been getting into drugs and stuff and she's all upset and wanted him to stop, and we started teaching the whole family and the first visit they all accepted a baptism date, super potente right? Then we find out the parents aren't married and that's a super long process, but the kids are cool and we've been going to visit them like 3 times a week for like 4 weeks, and we decided to baptize the kids this week (Friday the 13th by the way..) Em is the oldest daughter, then M is the son, and their little sister is L. On Friday only Em and M got baptized cause they are freaking potentisimo!! And so is Maria but she's not married. L hasn't gone to the church yet and Indalecio isn't married. So that's the status of the family. SOO we do this baptismal interview, and Elder R tells us that both kids need to talk to president before authorizing the baptism case apparently we didn't explain word of wisdom so well and she was drinking coffee up to the day before, and Moises had a couple other reasons that he had to talk to President Garcia. AHH this is too long! 

Sam with Hermanas of Huerta

OK So we're waiting all day for president and the assistants to come and they come way late and we weren't really sure that they COULD get baptized until 5 minutes before the baptism, when they left their interviews and everyone was already at the church and the font was full and everything! But everything was fine and they got baptized and I LOVE this family they are so amazing!!!! Em couldn't get confirmed cause she didn't come to church cause she had a work interview, but she felt super bad about it and repented and promised to come next week and we're not too worried about her 'cause she rocks. 

Trademark Samantha - thumbs up, big smile, she taught her companion too!

Martin is having doubts again, pray for him!!!

OK I have to go now but I'll send tons of Pictures!! Sorry the others didn't go through but ahh I already deleted a lot of those that I sent! But I have lots more don't worry

Les Quiero mucho! [I love you all so much!]


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