Wednesday, July 9, 2014

First week in Izamal, check.

30 June 2014

OK first week in Izamal, check.
Get to know them members, check.
Find like 20 new investigators, check.
Multiple emotional breakdowns, check.
Not mine, my companions. Without doubt, the hardest week of one's life is the first or second week of your mission in the field (Not in the MTC, that's like the funnest six weeks of your life.) But it's actually terrible preparation for the field cause it's super hard when you get out here. This morning we had like a conference thing with our zone, but it was like a class of the 8 principios [principles]  that we all learn the first 12 weeks we get here. It was rough for HP cause she's the only one in our zone who doesn't know Spanish, and there's only like 3 elders and one other Hermana who speak English. but nobody just goes around speaking in English for stuff like that, so she just gets kinda down on herself and really frustrated cause she feels like she can't do anything, and the split us up for practices that we did, and that was a bit much for her. Its wayyyyyy different training a Gringa then a Mexicana.
But we're getting there! And the good news is we get along soo well and we're always like laughing and we have fun here.

Sam with mayan water bottle

So that bad news is that our chapel is  destroyed. All the rooms except for the sacrament meeting room are under construction. So until further notice, our church is only one hour long, then everyone goes home cause there's no rooms to have classes in. So I had to have a little talk with the bishop to let him know what was up... I think he was trying to avoid us all the meeting but we cornered him afterward. EVERYONE- BE GRATEFUL for 3 hours of church. and air conditioning. Never let me complain again about church being too long or too cold or anything.

In other news, my Maya is progressing. Te'ene in oh je'el jusha jaa jal kich ke'ele yum.

I love our house.

Ahh in this little ciber [they go to a internet cafe on p-day to access their email ] where we are they're playing world music and its soo weird! [missionaries have rules on what kind of music they listen to ]

Pictures of her old branch in Ticul 

So the other day this family drove up in their car and it's this gringo family from Texas, and they were all excited to see the missionaries 'cause they're Mormons and they were here in Izamal on a family history vacation. That was fun. Ok this was a remarkably unexciting email- sorry. Not much has happened. Oh, HP got kissed by an old man. Haha I remember when I was a newbie...

Oh my gosh the world cup is like a CRAZY big deal right now. Is anyone up there watching it? When Mexico loses, the whole country goes into a temporary depression..

Ok that's all. Hope next week I have something better to say!


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