Wednesday, July 9, 2014

...out of nowhere, something falls like on my head and starts crawling to my ear.

7 July 2014

Ok well Izamal....
This area is PURE JUNGLE!! 

Its kinda rough not gonna lie. Ok well not really, I'm just comparing it to my last area Ticul which was like the best area ever. But its good. It's big and we walk a ton. I think I already told you guys that though. So we don't have a church, its all destroyed, I don't know HOW we're going to baptize people without a font, but I'm not super worried about that cause first we have to find people to baptize. The elders who were here before us, left a ton of people for us to visit, but EVERY time we go to find one of them, the address is wrong or they`re not home or something, so we've been doing A LOT of street contacting and walking around, but teaching very few lessons. There's this one lady Maria  who could be pretty potente [prepared] but she needs to go to church.. Her "husband" is a recent convert and that's always like super good motivation for someone to get baptized, but the problem is one, the church thing, and two, they may or may not have gotten divorced and are still living together. Why? well I wish I knew..

PAUSE. Ok guess what just happened to me like 2 seconds ago like right just now.  I'm sitting here writing to you guys in this little ciber, and out of nowhere, something falls like on my head and starts crawling to my ear. So I naturally flip out and try to shake it off. And it turns out it's an IGUANA. It just jumps on to my screen like nothing had happened, crawls around for a second, then jumps on the wall and runs off. Only here. 

Speaking of iguanas, Today I saw a picture of my old zone leaders skinning an iguana, preparing to eat it.... My old zone leaders were so much cooler in Ticul than here!!! They're good here, and honestly much more focused and serious, but they're so strict and boring... 

Last night, our district leader Elder R calls and he's like, hey you guys have to come to Merida tomorrow at 7:30 for a meeting and if you want breakfast, show up at this hotel at 7. sketchy... But so we go (By the way we have to wake up at 3:15 in the morning to get to Merida on time!!) but we go, and turns out president paid for all the missinoaries to have this super nice breakfast in this super nice hotel and with a bunch of other zones including Ticul! So I got to catch up with everyone.

 OH MY GOSH!!! NEWS FROM HERMANA T IN TICUL!!!!! Moises, remember my convert, the kid who had drug issues and his mom came looking for help and he totally changed his life around and got baptized? Yeah ok he is taking classes to prepare to receive the priesthood, and he's going to baptize his sister!!!! AND he's preparing the sacrament!!! Oh my gosh I cannot describe the feelings of pride I have. It's so exciting. I literally almost started crying. So we spent forever today in Merida, and just got back and have kinda been robbed of our p day, but whatever. One of these days we'll go climb the pyramids or do something cool in this area.

Yes I love my little house, and I will always be sleeping in my hammock, but I love it. 

Ok I love you all! Write to you next week! Bye!


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