Wednesday, July 9, 2014

OK well they moved me out of Ticul...:(

25 June 2014

Bish a bel? ma'alo? choco kim! cosh meyá!  (PS, that wasn't Spanish. It was Maya)

OK well they moved me out of Ticul...:(
BUT hope still exists! After Elder R called to tell us our changes, Elder S called to make sure I didn't hate them for moving me out of my favorite area, and he said that they would move me back there for my last area so I could end my mission in Ticul!!!! I'm so excited!! Theres a chance that it was a cruel joke or a misunderstanding, but I like to be hopeful still. 

SO wanna hear where I am now? Its a pueblecito (again) called Izamal,and its HUGE! its about the same size as Ticul, but Ticul was divided among three different companionships, and this area is ALL OURS... And there's no mototaxis. We expect to be walking a ton. 

Guess what, I'm training again.
Know who my companion is? Her name is Hermana P and she's a gringa. She's from Indiana and she's super cool so I'm excited for this exchange. Just a little nervous cause she's brand new and doesn't know any Spanish, so I guess I'll be doing a lot of translating and speaking slowly. We get along super well and she's way funny, but I'm afraid of the whole talking in English all the time thing. OK something weird about my area, its all yellow. Literally. Like we stroll into town only to find out that EVERY SINGLE building and wall and surface is painted mustard yellow. Its sorta creepy. Its like a law here that all the buildings have to be the same color. I'll take a picture sometime and send it. It's weird. 

New companion- Hermana P - first gringa comp!

Our house is itty bitty but it has AIR CONDITIONING!!!!!!! Oh my gosh it is the most fabulous thing in the world. We just got here last night and so we haven't been able to do much but UGH its kinda frustrating cause there were elders here before us and they didn't leave us any information about their area! Like the binder that says everything had all this information that was different from the map and I don't think anything was updated and I don't know anything about this area or how we're going to teach people or uhhh. But ni modos [no matter]. Esta bien.

Not much to report about this area. Sorry. Next week!
Oh, we had another baptism in Ticul. Potentissimo Ticul... But now HT is there with her daughter, and my granddaughter. [missionary lingo- your daughter is anyone you are training ] Gosh I hope they're taking care of my area!! 

Samantha's contract that she will return to Ticul after mission
Mom, yes I would love to go on a family trip after my mission, but I think I already told you this, can we go to Merida instead and visit my areas and converts? Like Ticul? I kinda already promised my branch that I would return back after my mission. And I signed my name in blood... not really but I did sign a contract that my missionary leader wrote on the whiteboard.. I'll send you guys a picture sometime.

OK I'll talk to you guys next week and send pictures!


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