Thursday, February 19, 2015

"Well this week a miracle happened."

January 26, 2015

SO glad to hear the fam is doing well. So is the mish:)

Well this week a miracle happened. And it's called someone returned my backpack that I had lost that had all my stuff and my camera in it!!!!!!!! So in your face all of you Debby downers who said it was pointless hoping that someone would have a heart and return it! There are good people in the world!!!!!!! Well either that or I just accidentally left it in the church without realizing it...but so the good news is that I have my camera again and when the girls called to tell me they had it I almost died! 
Sam and Hma Williams

Tomorrow we are hoping to go to the temple because the missionaries are allowed to bring recent converts to do baptisms for their ancestors. So we are kind of last minute rushing to get Manuel and Emmanuel and Miguel all ready with their family history work and everything. (Jasmin can't go:( she got a new job and we hardly ever see her anymore so we're really worried about that actually...)

But I'll let you know how that goes down. 

The trio!! Us with Hermana Cruz! She's great. And she's Mexican so she can help us out with stuff like people not ripping us off 'cause we're gringas.

Family history is the big thing now! All the missionaries now have to do all their family history work up until the great grandparents and show it to all the investogators and recent converts and members and everyone! And it's actually working way well. Go espiritu de Elias!! 

Bunk bed hammocks!

Mom! Can you remind me how to do yoga? Like pictures or videos or something? I can't remember and we want to do yoga for exercise in the mornings.. that would be awesome:) 

Ok sorry I have to go now! I am out of time! but don't do anything rash like send me a camera, 'cause I have one:) love you all dearly!


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