Wednesday, February 18, 2015

"..we have a third companion. and I am in a trio, yet again. I need my crown."

January 19, 2015

OK I'm so sorry today its going to be really short cause we're way short on time. 

Changes happened, after begging president to keep us together, HW and I have another transfer together in Chichen!!!!!!!!!!

Also, we have a third companion. and I am in a trio, yet again. I need my crown. This is my SIXTH time in a trio on my mission!! But we're excited. our new comp is Hermana Cruz and she's Mexican, So I guess that'll force HW and I to speak Spanish more. So that's good..

M didn't get baptized. turns out there were A LOT of things she failed to tell us about and she totally didn't pass her interview. Soooo maybe some other day when she's ready she will get baptized. 
Another thing, the assistents called us last night to tell us this surprise part of our changes. Sooo turns out, president had to take away a ton of sister training leaders to have them train because  11 new missionaries came in this transfer!  Now in Merida there are only 8 of us, and 2 in Ticul.. ANDDD HW and I are called to be the senior head chief captain-I-don't-even-know-how-you-would-call-it-in- English sister training leaders. So that's kinda fun. 

 Moises (the stake missionary leader who is SUPER cool), invited all us missionaries of the stake to his house on Saturday for food! He made us tacos and they were so good

I don't really ever wear my own clothes anymore, I just wear Hma William's clothes. and my cute new clothes that my sweet family sent me:) [note from Camille- I have totally noticed that!]

Me and HW, we thought we might leave so we were taking Sunday pics.

Today in a comvi we sang I am a child of God and this guy told me that we were a false church and that the restoration is a big lie because the church was never lost and all this junk and he was like intensely trying to argue with us in front of a bunch of people there on the comvi.

Me with the grandkids of Manuel. they have been coming to church with us for the past 3 weeks!!!! Their names are Kenneth and Brigette and they're way cute. 

Rosi is trying really hard to get baptized but she needs a new job because her job makes her cranky and also she can't go to church sometimes because of it. We took her to the center of autosuficiencia (not sure how to say that in English) and are in the process of finding her a new job. 

I am out of time now sorry, but I love you all! Bye!

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