Thursday, February 26, 2015

"4 people came to church!!!!!!"

February 2, 2015

AH Mom today is literally the craziest day ever and I have like 5 minutes to write I'm so sorry! But real fast,
My new room sounds fantastic! YES I will bring my hammock, you won't be able to find one anywhere else, you just need to get the hooks up. 

Good thing you didn't send the camera! Hahaha yeah maybe you can stop sending me packages soon 'cause they sometimes take a long time to get here and I'm afraid that you will be sending stuff and it will arrive after I'm already home... HW has been waiting on a package for like 3 months now...
Can somebody please triple check that my BYU application is in? 

Stuff this week:
OK yesterday the assistants called us with special changes, Hermana Cruz is gone. Went to a little town called Baca.
Today: another call, you guys get another companion, Hermana Carrasco!
Apparently Presidente only trusts us with the hermanas left without companions, if there is an emergency he just sends the girls to us. SO we are in a trio again. After a couple of hours of just being us two..

4 people came to church!!!!!!

Fatima. Is amazing, progressing like crazy, wants to get married, wants to get baptized and put her life in order. She has changed so much that the people at her work have started calling her "Sister Fatima" cause she like reads the scriptures now! Brigette is her 8 year old daughter who comes to church with her too.

Jenifer. 13 year old girl but you'd think she's 20, has awesome questions and really likes listening.
Rosi. Not the one you're thinking, this is another one. But she's way awesome and even though she has a ton of family and economic problems, she knows that this is what will help her have more peace in her life.

"Here's a picture of me and Hermana Velasquez making tamales!"

We went to the temple on Tuesday.  Manuel and Emmanuel woke up with us at like 3:30AM to go do baptisms for the dead and it was way special to see them all in white saving their ancestors!
Ok sorry I have to go now 'cause I have to do a millions things before 6:00 so I have to go now but I love you all dearly!


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