Wednesday, December 10, 2014

"We're weird gringas who randomly start talking to you on the bus or in the street or whatever and then try to baptize you."

November 24, 2014

School, I really haven't thought much about it.... I can't decide if I want to come home and work for a summer or go straight to school.

I just want to stay here and go to college in Mexico. Can I do that?

Thanksgiving sounds like such a party. Sorry I can't be there. Get together with everyone for Christmas and skype me!

Did you send any m&ms in the package you sent? Just wondering cause we went to Walmart today (it was a special day) and wanted to buy m&ms but chocolate is SOO expensive in Mexico!! So all the girls in our zone have their parents send them chocolate and stuff. It's really great.

OK so now on to the big news..... like the whole week. Holy cow so much stuff has happened I don't even know where to start!

On Tuesday we had yet ANOTHER missionary leadership capacitation meeting  from 7 in the morning to 6 in the evening... that's 11 hours. of pure capacitation. AND they asked me and HW to give a part of it cause some of the leaders had to prepare a message. SO we had to share the importance of learning by memory and by the Spirit, the 10 points of how to begin teaching, according to preach my gospel. AND elder R (one of the assistants) asked us to make it fun and something that the crowd would never forget... Uhh ok no pressure or anything....
SO guess what we did? We made up songs to all of the points and sang the really good ones to everyone so that they could remember them easier! We picked tunes to hymns and just changed the words, everyone laughed at us a lot but hey, I don't think they'll forget it.

Then after the thing, there was a major problem with some hermanas in our zone, and we had to cancel our plans and go to the hermana's house to talk to them, and then it was really late, like way after the time that we need to be in the house when the assistants call and tell us that they're coming to the hermana's house too so president can talk to them. And we got home super late that night, and that was the start of my week of getting like no sleep...

Then I had to go to this same hermanas area to do divisions AGAIN, but for 3 days this time.. UGH I hate being away from my area and my companion for 3 days, I get anxious. But it's all good because then I came back on Saturday, and that night we had a baptism!!!!! Miguel got baptized!!! And so did this family of 3 that the elders were teaching. It was soo crazy spiritual and Miguel invited his brother and bore his testimony and was so excited for his baptism even though he was so nervous for his interview and he is just so prepared. Its been like four weeks since we started teaching him and he already got baptized. AND he's totally going on a mission cause he's 21 and already going to mission prep classes and he goes on visits with us and everything. Ohhh he's so awesome.

J and Miguel both got confirmed yesterday. J had to wait a week because last week was stake conference. But it's all good! Except for the fact that this is STILL all a big secret from her dad, whom nobody wants to talk to 'cause apparently he's really scary, and J doesn't ever allow us to meet him...
Today was so cool 'cause like 5 different people contacted US, as in, instead of us going up to people to try to talk to them about the gospel, they come up to US and start talking!! And that doesn't happen a lot because usually the people are scared of us cause we're weird gringas who randomly start talking to you on the bus or in the street or whatever and then try to baptize you.
which is totally true:)
Ok I'll send pictures of the baptism!

I love you all!


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