Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Ok I have to go now ‘cause we have to go baptize more people.

Haha yes we do exercise, but there’s no pyramids here in Merida.... just Izamal. We get up at like 6 every morning. And we're trying to be healthy so we run to the little fruit stand that’s close to our house and buy fruit every morning. :)

Sam and Hma Williams eating limes
Miranda is so stinkin’ cute in her Frozen outfit!!
OK so where do I begin?? JASMIN!!!! She got baptized on Tuesday and she's the greatest. The service was really nice even though not a lot of people came because it was a last minute change, she WAS going to get baptized last Saturday, so that’s what they announced in church so everyone came... but she couldn't until Tuesday and by that time everyone already had plans... but it doesn't matter cause it was still really beautiful and HW and I sang and the elders came and she has a really strong testimony. Even though she almost passed out from how cold the water was. ( but I think she was exaggerating ‘cause I felt it later and it wasn't that cold.)  I wrote more about her in the picture email.   [Here it is…] Oh my gosh she is literally the best ever she got baptized with such a strong testimony and she is totally going to be a super faithful member her whole life and we're going to be friends forever. She told us that the reason she wanted to get baptized was because she wanted to be able to go to the temple one day with her family and get sealed to them, and do the temple work for her ancestors.....
Do you know HOW MANY people get baptized with that in mind? very few!! But that’s like one of the most important reasons really, eternal families:)

 Samantha and Jasmin

We did divisions twice with some hermanas that have some big problems that we now need to try to resolve, one of which requires that we do divisions again, possibly for a WHOLE WEEK! Who knows how we're going to be able to have time for our own area.... oh well.
This week alone I lost a bag that I bought, 2 Books of Mormon, 2 gospel principles books, my CAMERA, an old agenda that had a lot of info, another bag that randomly disappeared, and get this, MY AGENDA for this transfer. UGH! Anyone who has been a missionary understands my anguish right now. YOU ARE NOTHING WITH OUT YOUR AGENDA. Luckily and thanks to lots of prayer, almost everything else showed up again, but my agenda is still gone!!!! I'm quite depressed... I have a temporary one but it’s not the same and its way chafa..:( but oh well I'll keep praying ‘cause prayer totally works.

MIGUEL IS GETTING BAPTIZED THIS SATURDAY! We changed his baptismal date cause he's so prepared and we couldn't wait any longer! This week he went out on visits with us again, and went to mission prep yesterday..... :O He is so awesome!!!!!! I'll try to send a picture of him. Oh HW just told me she's going to send me this picture we have of him so you can see him in a sec. I'll send it in a minute.

Stake conference yesterday! It was wayyy good! This guy from the seventy came and they had all these recently baptized or activated people participate and talk with telling them before and they talked about their conversion stories and it was so cool! Manuel came and met Presidente Garcia. Manuel is getting baptized on the 29th of this month:) He's awesome too.
Ok I have to go now ‘cause we have to go baptize more people. I love you all and hope you have Happy Thanksgivings!!


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