Wednesday, December 31, 2014

"I have really become more grateful for everything in my life since being here on the mission..."

December 1, 2014

Baptize Manuel... check.
Memorize 25 scripture masteries word for word in Spanish,.. check.
Hope and pray with all my heart that we don't have changes in the transfers next week... check. 

No I ate no turkey this week. but I had some delicious rice and beans. Actually rice and beans are super good here so I'm not complaining at all.

Thanksgiving day picture!! We didn't do anything special. We ate ground meat and rice and beans.

Yes there are lots of holidays where the kids have school off here but I never know when they are and people will sometimes just randomly tell us that there was no class on whatever day. I don't remember what 5 de Mayo is actually.... but it's not that big I don't think... Thanksgiving sounds like it was so fun!!!

I have really become more grateful for everything in my life since being here on the mission, and I honestly would not trade anything that I now have for anything else. Because I know in the end that even all the stuff I don't like about my life like all the problems I have, will be for the best. I am so grateful for a family that raised me in the gospel, and I can't even express how much I love this gospel and my Savior Jesus Christ. Every time I teach someone and get to know their situation it makes me reflect on my own life and makes my heart ache 'cause it doesn't matter how much or how little they have, I know the gospel is the best thing anyone could ever have and I know my life is just so much happier because I have come to know and understand all that Christ did for us and how we can become more than just imperfect humans one day...

On Thursday HW and I made all of our prayers just be pure giving thanks prayers, and it was really cool. This morning we had this leadership meeting thing and the missionaries who are going home next week in transfers all bore their testimonies and I got all scared to end my mission again. I REALLY love being here and I don't want to leave!!!!! AHHH I'm scared the time is going by way too fast!
Guess who I got to see on Tuesday!!!! My beloved daughter HP!!! We had this double- zone capacitation thing. (Again. I feel like we have about a thousand of those every week...)
and I got to see my old zone lakin cause we were with them!!!! HW and I had to give a presentation again and we sang.. it was pretty fun!

All the girls in the capacitation thing.

Good news, Manuel got baptized. He was so prepared and so happy and now we just have to get him to the temple and baptize his family!!!!!

 Us with Manuel!!!! Thumbs up.

Ok you guys remember Lucy from lzamal? She got baptized on Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hermana P [Sam's previous companion] told me and I got so excited!!!! If you guys were praying for her then thank you 'cause it paid off!!!!

Miguel is having family problems cause his family told him that he can't be the godfather for his nephew anymore cause he got baptized and he's feeling kinda down about that... Pray for him!
Retaining converts is probably the biggest struggle here... I don't know why but it's way hard to keep your converts active!  Por Favor oren por [Please pray for...] Jasmin, Manuel, Miguel, Emmanuel, Maribel, and Edy:)

Hope you all have a very merry week!


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