Sunday, June 1, 2014

"Allelujah and leafy mystery hose water..."

Ok well I can tell you guys the story of Fredy on mothers day when we skype. It’s a pretty intense story, but with a happy ending. 

SO yeah I told you in my email last week about the baptism. That was fun. 

Hey cool story, so last Sunday, didn't even realize it was Easter. That’s like not a thing here. Just Holy Friday. and that IS a big deal. which apparently calls for lots of beer... how ironic. But glad your Easter went well!

OK here’s the stuff that went down this week…

Well last night we had that concert thing where this family (The dad just so happens to be some counselor of Presidente Garcia [Sam’s mission president] so he was all on board with this concert missionary activity thing) came in from Merida and sang their little program and it was so pretty! It was way similar to what we did in Inspire, and they even sang one of the same songs that we sang in Inspire!! It’s called allelujah and the only words in it are allelujah so its a pretty universal song. But I cried and it was so beautiful! BUT NOBODY who we invited came... Do you know how many people we invited. Like a lot. At least 300. The only nonmenbers who came from our area were those who were invited by someone in the rama [branch]. And there were only four of them.. SO that was just a little disappointing, but hey what're you gonna do. But we're going to try again, Presidente Echeverria (the dad of the choir) said that we're going to do another concert in the chapel of sierra in June so we have to invite twice as many people this time!

Another cool story, we taught this lady who is the mom of Irvin, one of our recent converts, and before she was kinda uninterested cause Hermana dL left and she was like really attached to her, but the other day we went and she told us that she had this super cool experience with the spirit and she knows this is the true church and while she was praying she made a promise to god to come to the church with us on sunday and one day, she would definitely get baptized!! And she came to church, but she's afraid to put a definite date for baptism so we're still working on that.. Pray for her please!!!

OK so the beginning of the week, for like four days we didn't have water. Nobody on our street did. I think they were doing reparations or something. At first we were pretty worried cause how the heck are we gonna bathe and wash dishes and our clothes and everything? But luckily we found a hose in our front yard that still gives water. From where? No idea. But I'm pretty sure nobody has used this hose for quite some time because when we first turned it on the water was super dirty and full of dead bugs and stuff. And after a while it turned clear but it still had pieces of leaves or something that came out. Anyway we had to fill up buckets with the leafy mystery hose water and use that to bathe and wash dishes and stuff. HT had a pretty hard time with it and normally I would too, but I don't know.. its funny how a mission changes you (well this mission anyway, I don't know if you would run into this problem in the US) things like personal hygiene becom less and less important... haha ok well that sounded gross, but you know what I mean right?

Ok well I'm out of time now, but I love you all dearly and I'll see you soon!! 


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