Wednesday, April 30, 2014

"Something I learned this week is that the Lord answers prayers, but it may not be the result you necessarily want..."

I read those ward newsletters and my entries in comparison to everyone else's are so scattered and random.  I have a million things to say and I try to say them all in this little time I have and sometimes sale y no tiene sentido. [it comes out without feeling ]  Pero que va a hacer? [But , what can I do?] ok. So I'll try to send something spiritual cause I'm kinda rotten at that. I love reading emails from my other missionary friends 'cause they all have these super awesome spiritual experiences and growing testimonies and stuff, and I kinda feel bad cause I'm here talking about singing show tunes with my companion and dying of heat exhaustion every day. Something I learned this week is that the Lord answers prayers, but it may not be the result you necessarily want, and you have to keep in mind the will of the Lord at all times. 

OK sorry this letter is so short! I started writing this whole big long story to you guys, but then I re-read it and decided it was giving away a bunch of personal information that I shouldn't say so I erased it all...
But you know something that you learn as a missionary? You have to be really brutally honest with people. And if you're not, it could mean condemnation for someone's soul. in Mormon 9 there's a scripture that talks about being baptized worthily, and one in DyC that says something like- to him that sinneth in the greater light, is given greater condemnation. and another in.. I think its 1 Nefi 31? that says that after being baptized and receive the Holy Ghost, if you deny Christ, it would have been better if you had never known him. and about million scriptures about enduring to the end. OK my point is, HT and I were studying this topic pretty seriously this morning, because of a certain circumstance of someone who might be getting baptized for all the completely wrong reasons, and we learned that as missionaries, and members of this church, we have a great huge awesome privilege. We have the truth, and the way to return to our Heavenly Father. We have the gift of the Holy Ghost and all the blessings promised to us by this gift. BUT we have a huge responsibility to remain worthy, and endure to the end, and KEEP our baptismal covenants. If we baptize someone unworthily, like if they have no sincere intention of remaining faithful, it could mean not only some terrible punishment for them, but for us, the missionaries who failed to teach how serious this could be. Like, we have to be really harsh with people sometimes cause they don't want to accept the fact that they will receive a punishment to fit the crime. 

So there's me being really planchadora.

"this family has a ton of chickens in their yard, its pretty cool"

In other news, we may or may not have a baptism this Satuday. It's about a 50 percent chance. 

And I think I am dreaming in Spanish but I can't ever remember... My companions have told me that I sleeptalk sometimes in Spanish and sometimes in English. So yeah I guess I dream in Spanish about half the time.
I LOVE my area. Like way more than Tanlum. All the people here rock, and the rama [branch] is so awesome. And they have super cool names.

Ok I will think of something interesting I can tell you guys next week ok? bueno. 
Pues yo se que Jesu Cristo vive y que esta es su iglesia. se que el libro de mormon es verdadero y contiene el plentitud del evangelio everno. se que Dios nos ama y nos escucha cuando oramos, pero siempre contesta nuestros oraciones segun su voluntad, y siempre será por nuestro beneficio. les amo!

 (ps I stole Hayden's idea) hehe

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