Sunday, June 1, 2014

"You are going to be a trio...AGAIN..."

AH that's so weird you guys were there right where I've been for the past six months [Jeff and Camille were in Merida but we didn't see Samantha- she didn't break any rules! ] !!!!! 

So I got grandma and grandpa's Christmas package today! Tell them thanks so much!!!! The HLJ [Haz Lo Justo- Choose the Right ] rings is such a great gift for a missionary to give away and a way cute idea!!! 

So wanna know what our changes are? Ok so last night after we finished talking to our families, we had to take pictures with the family that we were with 'cause what if we left the area and would never see them again? 

Anyway then it was sooo late and we had to RUN to the branch presidents house (well technically we took a taxi) and pickup some forms of recent converts for this thing the mission president needed, then we got home way late, and our district leader called us to tell us the big news for transfers. So he had called us earlier and told us the "transfers" but it was a big fat lie and he told me I was leaving my area and all this crap, which I should have expected cause that's like custom here... I don't know if its like that in all missions, but here the district leader always makes up some story of what's up for you for the next six weeks before telling you the truth. I think they have a competition called "who can make up the most bogus story to make someone in your district cry" or something. ANYWHO so he tells us the transfers (that HT and i just stay in our area THANK GOODNESS) and then I was about to go to bed cause it was almost 11 and the ZONE leaders call and they're like "Hermana Smith you have to drive to Merida tomorrow and pick up your new companion, you are going to be a trio. AGAIN. this will be my FIFTH time being in a trio. And you know who our new companion is? Hermana laura. AGAIN. This will be our third time being in a trio together. What the heck??? But hey it's cool we're reunited again and now HT has to speak all only Spanish again. OK well I have to go but I told you guys a bunch yesterday so hope you're good with this! Love you!


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