Sunday, November 3, 2013

MTC Hi-jinx and...learning to teach!

Hello world and all who inhabit it.

Thanks for the Dear elders! Getting a  dear elder (or any mail for that matter) is like the CCM equivalent of winning the lottery. (note from Camille- Hermana Smith's mom, you can send her an email on Dear and they will print it off and give it to her same day- free of charge if you send it before noon. Or the following day if it's after noon. She is in the Provo MTC West, Unit 815 if you send something to her.  If you send an email she won't see it until her p-day on Wednesday)

Well I've decided that the easiest way to send out this email is to just write you guys what I wrote in my journal, so here’s what happened this week, as told by my journal:

10/24- Um Shoot me. Our new teacher is a model. how the heck are we gonna be able to focus on our work when a model is teaching us. Ugh. My life is so hard. Ok I've noticed I’m starting to say a lot of the same stuff my companions are saying... haha "My life is so hard" is an Hermana W original. So funny story, the other day we were doing laundry and somehow- don’t ask me how cause it escapes me- Hermana W got her laundry bag caught in her sweater. like legit stuck and we couldn’t get it out.... and she says: "why is my life so hard??????" hahaha ohh it was funny at the time... 

10/25- So our first teacher Hermano C is the coolest. He told us this story about how he met his wife and it's ADORABLE!!!!!!!!! Hermana W literally started crying and I was on the verge. but he met her at a YSA activity here in UT and at the time he was living in Spain (Yes our teacher is Spanish and he’s amazing but his accent is super funny. it sounds like a Spanish lisp.) and he saw her at once and immediately fell in love with her before even talking to her and he couldn't even speak English and so he made his friend translate for him and he was just visiting for a week and he proposed to her after A WEEK! But now they're happily married and they have an adorable little girl.

Anyway I've never laughed so hard in my life than today. So the elders do this thing here called "spooning" and it’s where they sneak spoons out of the cafeteria and put them in each others pockets or bags or whatever, and it way funny when they find this random spoon in their pocket. Elder C always gets spooned and his reactions are hilarious cause he's such a chill guy and so quiet all the time, but he HATEs getting spooned so it’s pretty funny. So today, we snuck a spoon into his water bottle, we don’t know if he's seen it yet... haha pranking here is so fun!!! So HW and I are trying to start this thing called alarm clocking, where you hide an alarm clock in someones room and set it for a random time, and stick a note to it and when it goes off they have to find it and get the note. We did that to the new district we got last week (6 elders) but we gave them candy cause we're nice. Anyway it’s catching on and these other elders in our zone tried it to these other guys, but they put it in their bedroom in the vents, and set it for like 3am. We're not that mean. But there’s lots of pranking that goes on in our zone... it’s funny. So elder J is convinced that their room is haunted by a ghost, cause apparently when they wake up in the morning, their room is all rearranged  different from how it was when they went to bed. (Like doors open and lights on and stuff.) So today in class he drew this hilarious diagram on the whiteboard describing how they're going to catch said ghost. It was sooo funny. Our elders rock. So I got a package today!!!!! Angie sent us pumpkin bread!:)) Muy delicioso!

10/26- OK Hermano C class is officially my favorite part of the day. He told us today that he helps his wife make cute little headbands for his daughter and watches the bachelor... In other news, Shelley is the coolest and has given me 2 dear elders so far! I just wish I could send one back!!  Also, we had a lesson on stress management tonight which I'm pretty sure stressed me out even more. Also, I'm trying to be more selfless. It’s harder than it sounds. 

10/27- Sunday's are the BEST! My zone is the BEST! My companion is the BEST! I love the CCM!

10/28- Holy toledo español es MUY deficíl!!! So today we had our first lesson with "Ignacio" (Its really Hermano C but he pretends to be this investigator and we have to teach him) SO they put you in this room with this brick wall and you're supposed to find out what the heck that brick wall needs in it’s life, then teach it how the gospel can help make it’s life better, but you have no way of communicating with it, and it feels like each question you ask it is completely pointless. Ok so it's not really a brick wall, but he might as well be!! Its ridiculous! Our last investigator was this chick "Maria", and I thought THAT was hard, but she was a walk in the park compared to "Ignacio". This is the only time I've really thought about going home. I literally don’t know if I can do this. I MUCH prefer hermano C as our teacher. He's more pleasant that way. IN other news, my companion is completely smitten with hermano H our dreamy new teacher. Anywho, yesterday, we went to choir practice (Theres 2 a week, one on sunday and one on Tuesday before the performance of the song at the devotional, but we usually just go to the practice on Sunday, and skip the actual performance on Tuesday hah cause some of my companions don’t want to be on camera... but I just don’t like missing class.) but this week we're singing "be still my soul" and we decided to try being altos for a day. Little do I know, HW doesn’t know how to read music at all!! HA! She’s so cute. During the rehearsal she turns to me and says: " wait, so how come some of these things (The notes) are all black and some aren't filled in at all?" haha ohhh I miss people like S and my choir friends. haha but we got to have an emergency music reading lesson in the middle of rehearsal. it was fun. Also, can we talk about how adorable my companion is? ( the whole "Can we talk about...." thing is an hermana D original) you just need to meet her. so smiley and hilarious. Hermana W tries to fake be all gangsta sometimes and her thing is like shortening words to the point that it’s just ridiculous. like she says "mis" instead of miserable. and she calls the elders EJ and EC and EF (Elders J, C, and F) and the other day she was like: "our lesson tomorrow is gonna be so H!" and hermana D and I just looked at each other like... what?? haha how are we supposed to know what that means?? Haha but she wears matching stripey little kid long-john-style pjs, and big glasses and a retainer that gives her a lisp, so at night she’s a big dork but I love it. haha. 
PS. 2 more dear elders from S today!!!

10/30- Lo Siento! I forgot to write yesterday!  Some of the girls in our zone were talking about dressing up tomorrow, but I don't know what we'd do! This one girl Hermana M could totally be Mary Poppins, but I think the girls were planning on doing "Hairspray" like 50's and stuff. Anywho I'm excited. Also, Hermano C did a back somersault yesterday to make HD smile. 
ok times up!! There’s my week! Talk to you guys later!! 

-Hermana Smith

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