Thursday, November 7, 2013

Hola! Como esta? Muy bien, y Usted? Bien!

That’s how most of my day goes down walking around west campus here.
Ok  here’s my journal entries for this week, so it’s pretty much everything that happened:

10/30- second p-day. Gosh they're so busy! But we got to go to Brigham’s landing today for lunch with most of our zone cause it’s this one districts last day. And it’s ALL our other hermanas last p-day!:( I'm going to be so sad when they leave for Argentina next week. E J is just so stinkin’ friendly, but such a big goofball! And his companion E H is such a dork, almost like a homeschooly dorkiness- but he is SO FUNNY! cracks me up. And H H is this super fun chick from New Zealand and she is hysterical!! And H M is just the cutest little ballerina-dancing, piano playing, selfless girl I know! She went to India and shaved her head for some cool Indian ritual show of sacrifice thing. And H T is the sweetest human being ever. like she would drop everything to come talk to us and see how we were doing. And H D is just so real and funny and easy to talk to! I love them all.

Anywho, we got 6 new hermanas today! I WAS excited. but we just found out they're like all already fluent and going to be in the Spanish intermediate class . So we're pretty much still at the bottom. Besides the new elders from last week.  So today while at Brigham’s landing we went to this adorable little cupcake shop and listened to the radio and wrote our letter. Literally, 90% of p-day consists of writing letters.  We also went to the temple and did sealings which was way fun and spiritual until this old lady farted in the middle of the session and E B and H W started cracking up! Ok so we decided that we love E b! He's SO fun to talk to and tell stories to cause his reactions are so good! haha and his companion is way cool too! I can't remember his name now but  we have nicknames for most of the elders in our zone. We're working on learning their actual names, but this nickname thing is way fun! Its amazing how easy it is to love people at the CCM! Even people that you'd probably normally hate!

10/31- Ok I don't know what was up, but today was ROUGH! So remember when I talked about Ignacio and how hard it was to teach him? I just really have been wondering if I can even do this and Spanish is so hard and we have so much to learn still but no time and it’s all so overwhelming!   Needless to say, emotions are running a bit high for HW and I... So this morning, we're getting ready for gym and we see a bunch of elders from our zone out our apartment window and they're ice blocking down this little grassy hill thing, so we're messing around and shout out the window "hey no ice blocking at the MTC!"  so we found out later that they got in a ton of trouble for that cause the gym people heard them and yelled at them and took away their gym for 2 days.. And it was all my fault!!!!! So I talked to them later and they seemed super ticked at me about it and this polynesian kid goes "Ok so who is Hermana Smith?" and I raise my hand and he’s like "oh..." and walks away.  So I felt like crap the rest of the day and I apologized but I'm pretty sure they don’t forgive me! So in the bookstore today out of the blue I lost it and almost started crying right there cause everything was happening and I was so overwhelmed and to top it all off all the elders in our district hate me. But I felt dumb cause what a stupid reason to break down like that! It was remarkably pathetic. But so at dinner Elder B and his companion (I think his name is Elder S?) totally apologized and said that they were joking about being mad and losing their gym time and everything cause they're sweethearts but still probably the only ones who aren't really mad.   Also, its Halloween!  HW made me dress up like a hippie with her which was a little off but we work with what we've got! Haha it was either that or nerds or pilgrims or something. So cute Hermanas T and M dressed up like little 50's girls, like hairspray status! totes adorbs.

11/1- So good news, they don't hate me. The reason they were all acting weird is because the story of the old lady in our sealings session who farted was floating around and somehow it turned into them thinking that I was the one who farted. So tonight polynesian elder (whose real name is like elder N... Something...)  confronted me about it and we realized they weren't mad at me, they were just judging me.  So I don't need to feel hated, just super embarrassed... haha oh well!! So today we did TRC for the first time and HW loved it!  I was a little lost, but it was cool to talk to real people!  But it’s hard to know what to say cause you're not TEACHING them the gospel, cause they're already members.. gosh a mission is so hard. and consists of lots of awkward silences. story of my life. Oh I miss S.  So in other news I got a package today and was all excited, but it turns out it was a BALLOT my dad sent me... classic dad.

11/2- So H T and H H came to visit tonight (they do that a lot) and they are so cute!! H H has the SICKEST New Zealand accent and it's so fun to listen to her talk! But in Australia (Where she'd most recently from) apparently they don't have any bad words, like the bad words here are normal words there, so she's always dropping the D word and B word and then she'll cover her mouth and be like "oh sorry, is that a bad word for alla yous?" but sweet Hermana T is so used to it and covers for her all the time, it’s so funny! So tonight we had to turn all our clocks back cause weird Utah people like to change the time twice a year... psh. daylight savings...

11/3- So guess who got called as our zones newest sister training leaders!!!!!!! HW and I!!!! We're so stoked. The very first week when OUR sister training leaders oriented us and visited us that night, we thought it would be so fun to get called as sister training leaders. and now we did!!! And it’s only our third week!!! Holy cow it’s already our third week... time is FLYING! It’s like when you're rollerblading down a hill. You start out slow but before long you're going so fast and you want it to slow down but it won't! SO today was testimony meeting and it was really cool! The one district who's leaving tomorrow sang this song and it made me cry! I'm going to be so sad to see them leave. So apparently I'm supposed to be writing down all spiritual stuff in here, but I don't know what to write. I mean, yeah the spirit is way strong here, but what else should I say about it? If I get any cool experiences I'll totally write about them. but until then, I hope you are cool with hearing about all the weird stuff that goes on here. So the paper came the other day that summons you to Salt Lake so you can get your Visa, so hooray cause our visas are here!!! and HW and I get to go on a field trip tomorrow!  And it'll be just like a trip home for HW. SO today was fast Sunday. and actually it’s not that bad at the CCM cause you're so busy all the time and you don't even think about your hunger. Until dinner time anyway when you realize you're starving so you devour your meat and potatoes in a very unladylike manner... Anywho we have to go to a testimony meeting now for the district who's leaving tomorrow (our zone does that the night before any district leaves) and so I have to go now and say goodbye to them:( wish me luck not freezing to death! PS It snowed today!
Hermana W and Hermana Smith
Snowing in Provo

11/4- So today we got to go to Salt Lake to the Mexican consolate to get our visas. And we sat at the train station for like 45 minutes and walked like 3 blocks in the snow. It was super fun though! The group we went with consisted of 4 elders and 4 hermanas including us, and all of us are going to Merida on the same date! So it was cool to meet other people in the same boat as us!  They seemed pretty cool. Two of them are from Mesa, and one of those is M P’s friend Elder R! haha it was fun getting to know him. But apparently it was a really rough day for HW cause she broke down tonight.. and I feel like the worst companion cause I didn't even notice anything was wrong all day! And she's better now cause Hermano C (their teacher) talked to her and he's the coolest. Today I got this super awesome package from Angie today and it was an ENTIRE apple pie! haha - we're not allowed to open packages in the classroom so it was just sitting there unopened on the table for a while, and Hermano C starts writing all over it with his marker during the lessson, and HD says "umm hey what if she doesn’t want you to write on that...?" and he says, " I don't care.." and keeps on drawing on it. But it was way cute! He wrote: Hermana Smith, usted es una buena misionera. Español es muy bonito, por y para, le amor, Hmo Cuadra. and he drew a picture of himself next to it. I took a picture of it.  He's such a good teacher! Anywho so we're walking home and we stop by the vending machines cause H S just really needed chips for some reason, and our elders are in there!! So we break open the pie and start digging in with forks with our elders! And apparently it’s like the best thing ever cause HW and HD practically inhale it in like 30 seconds, and Elder C practically starts crying. And I normally don’t even eat apple pie but I HAD to try some and it was amazing! Angie is so sweet! Anyway today was a weird day. but awesome.  But it’s so true that Satan works so hard on us missionaries. I guess this is like a normal thing that every emotion is like super magnified (like when you turn into a vampire) cause every stupid little thing makes you cry.

 Apple Pie from Angie
 Usted es una buena MISIONERA!

Sam and her Spanish Teacher

Ok I have one last journal entry but I'm WAY over our allotted time for emails so I'll write it to you in a letter! Love you all!

Hermana Smith

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