Thursday, November 14, 2013

"Jyou gringos are super weirdo with jyour turkey party or whatever..."

11/6- We got our new districts tonight (2 new districts!!! altogether 10 elders and 4 hermanas) and elder B and I oriented the one district of all elders while HW and elder C got to welcome the other one with the hermanas:( but I’m not bitter. haha but it was a bit awkward... oh well! early service tomorrow!

11/7- Tonight we had a really good lesson by Hermano H about personalizing a lesson for an investigator, and also a SUPER good lesson and story from Hermano C! But his lessons are always amazing. Apparently he couldn't walk until he was 16! crazy stuff.. Also, I got 3 Dear Elder's from Shelley today. They were hilarious and I made my whole district read them! 

11/8- Ok  scariest story ever and I totally forgot to write about it the other day. So our district leader totally almost died. So I guess he has a bunch of issues and allergies and stuff and now apparently he has an unusually small esophagus so he chokes like, all the time, but he always ignores it because it always passes. But yesterday during dinner everyone’s talking and preoccupied with mail and stuff so at first nobody notices, but I look up at Elder F and his face is all red and he's holding his throat. So Elder C is like "He's choking!" so everyone looks up and half our zone comes over to our end of the table and it’s just the scariest thing ever!! He looks like he's in serious PAIN and his fists are clenched and he's shaking all over and E C is like "are you ok? can you breathe?" but nobody really knows what to do!  So he's not really asking for any help and trying not to make a scene, and someone says "does anyone know CPR?" and he kinda shakes his head no. umm okkk? Finally, Elder R (this elder who looks JUST like Andrew our cousin) from the district right under us notices what’s happening, immediately jumps out of his seat, rips off his coat and his watch, and gets right close to EF and says :"can you breathe nod yes or no." super professional right? EF shakes no. SO E R gets behind him in his chair and starts doing the Heimlich (sp?) and I was so scared and HD and I were just clutching each other’s arms and I couldn't even watch so I looked down and PRAYED. When I look up again EF is breathing again and he just has his head down not talking. And everyone is just silently worriedly watching him, ‘cause he keeps holding his chest and looks like he's in pain. Then out of the blue he gets up and walks out super fast, so his companions have no choice but to hurry after him. and sweet elder B is like "just go with him we'll clean everything up for you!" and that was the end of that. Scary. but holy cow major respect for elder R! And he was fine after that- just didn't want to talk about it.

11/9- So our investigator Enrique (AKA Hermano H) seems to be making progress! Also, Hermano C is still the best. So I am making a collection of the funny things he says, and here's what I've got so far:

-"Don't move Hermana S! (And he always butchers her name) There’s a big huge scary thing right behind you and it will eat your face in one second!!!!!!" (he was talking about a pigeon that landed on our balcony thing outside our window. weirdo)
- "I don't have a problem with her! I just think....... she has problems...." (talking about our first investigator Maria, aka, one of our ZRTs) 
- "in the scriptures it says: Be hot or be cold, cause if you are just warm, God will throw up."
- (this is my attempt at his funny accent) "Jyou gringos are super weirdo with jyour Turkey party or whatever." (talking about Thanksgiving)

11/10- Just came from sacrament and it was way good! So HW made this chart where everyone has to write down who they think will be called to give the talk that day (Everyone has to write a 3 minute talk in Spanish and they randomly choose 2 people to give it in sacrament meeting, RIGHT before you go up) so I guessed right for the elder and I was pretty excited about that. So today HW and I and Elder C and Elder B (as zone leaders and sister training leaders) had to run sacrament meeting for the poor cafeteria people who have to work on Sunday. So we do this cute little sacrament meeting in the cafeteria for like 20 people and the elders had to give short little talks and it was pretty cool!  ‘Cause it was just the 4 of us and just the 2 elders did the sacrament and we prayed and it was way weird but cool! 
So 4 square has never been a more popular or competitive sport anywhere but here!!!! Or in our zone anyway.. like I look forward to gym every day so we can play four square. And I'm actually getting pretty good- not as good as the elders though. They are CRAZY! It’s like EXTREME 4square with them! But it’s fun and we smack talk HARD. It’s cool

11/11- So you remember how Hermano C  told us that thing about God throwing up, and apparently that’s a thing. It’s in the scriptures. Revelations 3:16. Look it up. What the heck! In other news, our teachers love to embarrass us. HH makes us go outside and sing Christmas songs in Spanish in the middle of the walkway. And HC is a language bully. He intimidates other kids with his fast Spanish, and every time someone walks by our room he says: "hola! Nosotros estamos hablando en solo espanol toda dia hoy." and they're like "ok cool..." and if someone says a word in English he's like "Stop your embarrassing me!" 

11/13- OK so no big deal, I just got to talk with L TOM PERRY last night!!!!! Well actually I didn't talk to him, he just talked to me. Also, there were like 1000 other people there too. And also he was up on the pulpit. But still! I was only in the presence of an APOSTLE!!! No big deal or anything. He talked about companionships which I was super surprised by but it was still way good!!

AH ok I didn’t finish that last entry but I'm WAYY out of time so I'll write the rest in a letter! Love you and I'll send pictures! 


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