Monday, September 29, 2014

"We are in charge of 10 companionships of sisters..."

September 29, 2014

Awww I love everyone's birthday comments tell them all that I say thank you so much!!!! OK so I'm soo sorry but its gonna be a short one today. Apparently sister training leader means you take half of your writing time to do the evaluation of the sisters who you did divisions with.

 We are in charge of 10 companionships of sisters and have to do divisions [also known as splits] with all of them.. so that's twice a week that we do divisions. This week I was with a gringa both times, it was really good actually 'cause I got to learn a lot!!! And I got to learn how to take someone to the hospital, and be a translator for the Mexican doctors cause hey, that happened on Tuesday!! She's fine, she was just having some stomach pains so we called Hermana G and she freaked out and made us go to the hospital where we paid 600 pesos to a doctor who told us that she had appendicitis... SO we freaked out and called Hermana G who told us that we were actually in the wrong place, the place that wasn't insured, which is why he charged us... THEN we went to the real doctors and they told us that she was fine, and sent us home, only after having her lie in the hospital bed all the day long so they could do blood tests and a ultrasound and all this stuff. So I was just following her bed around and she didn't speak any Spanish so I had to translate everything and you would have thought she was like dying... just for a little stomach pain.. ohhh well better safe than sorry! haha

SO this week we took Manuel to the temple and had a super potente lesson about eternal families and stuff 'cause his wife died, BUT he's afraid to get baptized 'cause he doesn't want to give up drinking.... roughhh... We had a super good lesson with Natali (who out of the blue told us that she wants to be called Michelle now...) and she has family problems too. I am SO GRATEFUL that I have a normal (Ok well that's debatable) but functional family! Cause that's pretty rare here...

So some funny stuff, turns out my companion is a manipulative genius. Ok so she keeps trying to find some members from either our ward or Quintero ward to help this less active family move, cause she loves them, but we really don't have time for that and none of them members could do anything at all this week! So Elder F (our District Leader) and Elder A (his comp) have been telling us to bring donuts to the district meeting all week because, well who knows why.. they just wanted donuts I guess. OK long story short, she tricked the elders of our district into using their p day [p day is short for preparation day- missionaries get one day a week to shop, do laundry, etc,] to give service and helping this family move in exchange for some donuts. And so the elders in our district are all ticked off with her but I think it's just hilarious. Ohh I just need to video record one of the conversations of them talking. It needs it's own YouTube channel..

Ok that's all for today. Les quiero mucho!!


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