Monday, September 29, 2014

"...he calls us his little angels that come to teach him about God haha:) "

September 22, 2014

Fun fun! Right now I'm writing to you guys in the family history center of the church that is right up next to the temple- and the mission offices, so there's a ton of other missionaries here too writing. When I pulled up the picture of Dad I started laughing so everyone looked and I'm pretty sure they were all pretty confused cause I wasn't sure how to explain the constitution fair or James Madison or anything in Spanish... haha oh well. 

Here's the picture she's talking about

Oh yeah I forgot to tell you guys that I did get your package!! I loved it so much!!!!! I'm sorry I had to open it early but I had transfers and the box wouldn't fit in my suitcase so I had to open it. HP was more upset 'cause she wanted to put up the streamers and balloons and everything for me and now she can't :/ She's pretty upset.. but oh well. 

OK a little about my companion- Hermana Nuñez, She rocks!!! She is from Guerrero Mexico, but she lived in North Carolina for like 9 years so she speaks almost as much English as Spanish.. She is super funny and super obedient which I LOVE! She's such a great missionary and she does things so differently from all my other companions but I've been able to learn soo much from her! She's pretty much teaching me how to be sister training leader and she's super awesome. I'll send a picture of her.
I really love my area! Actually, not that much, but I know I am going to love it because I started out not liking it at all cause its in Merida again and it just reminds me of my first area Tanlum.... I didn't love that area... BUT it's a lot better and the ward is soo awesome (well HN and the other elders in our ward (cause there are 3 companionships in this ward, us and 4 other elders) don't think so but in comparison to Izamal the members are soo involved!!) We have one investigator Manuel that is soo awesome and he loves listening to us and he goes to church and everything! His wife died and he calls us his little angels that come to teach him about God haha:) He just has troubles with the whole tithing thing, but we're getting there!! We're going to baptize him.

More goats
"This is the family Ku who I LOVE!!! Ivan (Who HP and I swear is a vampire, cause he looks like Edward Cullen) His mom Dorita who cooks AMAZING!! And her son Fernando who is the funniest little kid ever!! He's not wearing pants here....."

 We have this other lady Sofia who is the mom of a recent convert named Jose and he had drug problems and was in jail a lot, but he turned his life around and got baptized and his mom Sofia claims that she already got baptized when she was little but we don't have any record of it so we re-invited her to baptism, and she was totally willing and ready for a while. Then when she did her baptismal interview, the elder who did it didn't know Spanish that well and misunderstood one of her answers and accidentally told her that she can't be baptized.. and she got kinda mad for a long time.. but now she's all soft and happy again! And coming to church!!! So we're going to baptize her too:) 

AND this week we met this 15 year old girl named Natali, and she's way cool and likes listening to us, even though her mom and brother don't really like us.. She has a lot of family problems and is kinda a rebel child, but she really had a desire to be clean of her sins so we're going to baptize her too:) 

SO I will let you know when all these baptisms happen, but in the mean time if you wanted to pray for them that would be so awesome!:) Love you all:)


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