Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Ok can we talk about food for a second?

No I don't really miss any electronics. And I miss hiking so much!!! We are doing our own form of hiking I guess. in skirts. and heavy backpacks. (I got a new backpack today in centro! And a new watch cause BOTH my watches broke:(...) 

Her bedroom- the simple life!!

They adopted Pinky the dog - for a while

Ok can we talk about food for a second? Who knew the gift of tongues also meant that the Spirit makes everything you eat taste heavenly??? I LOVE the food here! I look forward to it every day. And vegetables are like the equivalent of candy. Like, a tomato is a rare delicacy. So HG and I bought like 7 the other day to make for breakfast or dinner (We only get fed lunch by the members) And usually we just get tortillas, and beans and some sort of meat. And habanero. Everybody here serves habanero with everything. And HG hates it but I LOVE IT! And I always love the food we get but when we get a salad or something... oh man. So this morning for breakfast we made toast with tuna and grilled onions, and cut up tomatoes and avocado on top, dipped in beans (Frijoles here are often in soup form.) And oh my gosh. I don't think I have ever been so excited about eating something in my whole life. Literally. 

Lunch with Hermana Williams and her companion (Sam's MTC companion)

Happy reunion with Hma Williams

Ok so HG and I were talking about how the people here give directions, which consists much of "por aca, y por alli..." and HG was saying how that's like 10 times better than in her country cause how they do it goes something like this "So you go down this road and count one, two, three, corners, then turn left. and not right. cause if you turn right, you will go the wrong way. and after about 5 minutes, you will see a big tree, and then you're not there yet. so you have to go about 2 more minutes, and then turn right this time, not left. And then, you have to look for the little red store on the corner, and you're not there yet, but you have to go inside the store and ask the man who works there which way to go next, cause sometimes I get lost too and I always have to ask him where to go and he tells me.."

Ah dang I have no more time again!!!! But I love you all dearly and I have a really good spiritual thought for next week! 

Families can be together forever!! And like, everything we do somehow relates to this principle. Even in the bible. It's cool. 

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