Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Families can be together forever...

AHH I have less than no time this week!!! We have to be at our dictrict meeting in like 10 minutes but I'll type as fast as I possibly can!!
So the other week I was reading in.... I don't remember where but I ended up somehow in Malachi. And I recognized chapter 4 vers 5-6 I believe, cause it's a scripture mastery, and it talks about the prophet Elijah (Elias in espaƱol) being sent by God to turn the hearts of the children to their fathers or algo asi [something like that].. And forever I had no idea what that meant! But then I was reading in Doctrina y Convenios (I think its seccion 110) and Elijah came to Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery in a vision and gave them the keys to do the obra vicaria en el templo [temple work]! And then I realized what that meant!! ANND in the Book of Mormon a BUNCH in like 1 and 2 Nefi I think, it talks about the Lord fulfilling his promises that he made to our fathers, and all about the covenants and promises he made with our fathers, and I think that's talking about the work that we can do in the templo for the salvation of our ancestors! And in DyC 138 it describes it way good, but basically, "turning the hearts of the children to their fathers" means that we can do like baptisms and sealings and stuff in the temple, well for everyone, but especially for nuestro propios antepasados[our own ancestors]!! And that's why family history is so important! AND in this evangelio[gospel] one major principle that we stress is that families can be together forever. And that principle is like, everywhere in the scriptures! And I never even realized it! So I gave a talk about that in sacrament meeting last Sunday when the first counselor asked HG and I if one of us could give a talk cause they were short some speakers or something, so I volunteered. And had like 30 minutes to prepare. But it was easy to talk about family history and everything cause there's a lot of scriptures that I read haha:) BUT just yesterday in la capilla [the chapel] the stake presidency came to our ward to talk, and they all talked about family history too! So that's the topic for the week.
Pray for Maria to get married and baptized soon!! We're so close!
I got kissed this week:( Again. Dangit.
And we preached to a police officer.
And we got to go to the temple to teach a lesson and that was fun.
Ok I have to go now! Mucho amor!


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