Wednesday, December 4, 2013

I'm so tall here...everyone is shorter than me.

I didn’t even realize Thanksgiving had come and gone, but it sounds like you guys had fun! Thanks for everyone’s nice emails, I know even the darkest night will pass and the sun will rise! (Les Miserables) This morning I was having a really rough time with just everything and I didn't even know why until HG [her companion, Hermana Garcia] was like: "Do you miss your family?" and then I just started crying. But she made me read D&C 31[“Lift up your heart and rejoice, for the hour of your mission is come; and your tongue shall be loosed, and you shall declare glad tidings of great joy unto this generation… there is a lot more but that’s a sample] which didn't stop the tears but I guess I felt a little better. Gosh what's the matter with me crying all the time??? It sucks. These kids next to me in this little internet cafe playing computer games probably think I'm super weird. Oh well. I'm actually not sure what Tanlum is, but it's either in or near Merida. If that helps. 

Sam and her companion, Hermana Garcia

Day 2- So I'm teaching HG sign language cause she's teaching me Spanish and it’s kinda fun. We'll both be tri-lingual. So there are probably a million Volkswagon bugs in Merida. I swear everyone has one. Not sure why. I love my hammock, but I wish I had a pillow too.

Day 3- We’re eating oreos for breakfast but I have had no appetite since I got here. Well actually yesterday we had lunch with this one lady Hermana Esther (its pronounced Astaire. like Fred Astaire.) Anyway she made the best chicken I've ever had! We have this one investigator Oscar that we visited yesterday but he was drunk and kept trying to hug HG even though he knows that he can't and asking my first name... Weird. (Actually today- day 8- we saw him again and I didn't even recognize him sober.. but he's actually a really nice guy!) 

Day 4- So everyone kisses each other here. Even people you've never met before! They hug you and kiss your cheek as a greeting. Every time. It’s kinda cool. We taught this guy Pedro today and he lives in this place I couldn't even call a house. No roof or real floor, front wall is a chain link fence thing... anyway I actually talked kinda a lot and I don't think he will remember anything ( he's REALLY old...) but it was cool and I actually remembered why I'm here on a mission in the first place. 

I'm so tall here. Everyone is shorter than me. So HA to everyone who ever called me short. I probably have close to 6000 mosquito bites on my legs and it’s terrible!  I still don't know what anyone is saying during lessons and my companion informed me that the other day this one guy was telling us about his suffering and sorrow and whatnot and I was sitting there smiling and nodding like some clueless gringo cause that’s all I ever do! So he probably thinks I'm heartless or something. Oh well. 

AH there’s so much more I want to write but once again, time:/ sorry. But I love you all dearly!


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