Wednesday, December 11, 2013

"I am having ZERO problems living with a only problem is the language..."

Gosh Mom I love your long emails so much but I´m realizing it's so hard to answer everything you say AND send pics and everything! Haha ok so my mailing adress is:
Calle 70 #521-A x 65 y 67
Col Centro
Merida, Yucatan Mexico CP 97000
But tell everyone they don't need to send anything! I think it's kinda expensive to send stuff here and Mimi [ her grandma ] was threatening to send a pillow because of my last email but I'm really fine, found one, it's all good!
Send pics of the cookie swap! Wish I could be there!

Hermana Garcia is SO FUNNY! I have lots of stories that I wrote about in my journal and if I have time I'll send them but at this rate I don't think I will.. so you can hear them in 17 months when I come home:) 
I am having ZERO problems with living with a companion or loving the people or dealing with their problems or even the weather (which is ridiculous as I'm sure you know) but my only problem is the language. And it's a big problem, but I'm grateful that it's the only one. Actually I'm homesick too. but not as bad as last week.
Thanks for the quote! I've started a journal of scriptures and quotes and hymn lyrics (LOTS of hymn lyrics..) that I like. It's pretty fun.
 Hermana Garcia's got Swagg! 
 Hermana Smith and Hermana Garcia (at least they have air conditioning!)
Samantha's first baptism!

OK my Christmas call is on the 25, probably around 5 or so. But really it could be any time from 4 to 6. I will go to a member's house and the plan is to Skype, but who knows. What is your Skype thing? And can you try to figure out mine? 
I have like no time to email all my adventures of this week but I´ll tell you on the Christmas call! I Love you!

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