Tuesday, April 7, 2015

"Not quite ready to leave yet, but Pres won't let me extend my mission..."

March 2, 2015

Sooo this week, guess what happened...

A lot of things. FIRST of all, my very last transfers of my whole mission came yesterday, and HW and I are staying in Chichen and dying together [this is missionary lingo- it means they will be finishing their mission together ]!!! We're soooosososososo very happy.
BUT, we have a third companion. AGAIN. I'm now done being surprised about being put in a trio anymore. This is literally the 8th time I am in a trio.. I should be freaking out about how unusual this is but I just am not even phased. Our companions name is Hermana J and she is from Bolivia. AND we were supposed to be with Hermana L (AGAIN) but there were some complications and some complaints and some drama and so we're with Hermana J. So that is that. but she's way cool! I think. I've only been with her for not even one day but I hope she's cool!

HW and I with E Tobler and Hainsworth. They're some really great elders, and maybe this is bad to say or maybe not, but the four of us are really just like great friends and we joke around a ton. HW and I have been in the same district as ET twice now and he's always been either district or zone leader to us haha, and he's just goofy.

SO this week the ward had 3 baptisms, one mom, one 20 year old kid, and one 9 year old girl, and they were all in one day! It was actually a great baptismal service and a lot of people came! Among them Mishel, and Manuel's granddaughter Brigette. And Emmanuel too but he goes to everything we invite him to cause he is so stinkin' cool. He is totally going to be a missionary.
Mishel still isn't getting baptized and we really can't figure out why. She is PERFECT! She signs up to feed the missionaries, and goes on visits with us, obeys all the commandments and is already reading in 2 Nephi!!! She is sooo ready!!!! But maybe this Saturday will be the day. Elder F planched her for us. Elder F is still here as our district leader which we're way happy about 'cause he's so funny and a great leader! 

Us with mishel. She stinking needs to get baptized. I don't know whats stopping her, she's the most prepared person I know and has a stronger testimony than some of the members! Wellll just pray for her...

We are officially of the oldest generation of hermanas in the mission. Not sure how I feel about it. Not quite ready to leave yet, but Pres won't let me extend my mission, he doesn't let anyone.
English classes are going great, and they're way fun! They mostly consist of sarcastic comments from Elder F and everyone laughing, and this week featured Hermana Williams and I acting like different animals (which I imagine was highly entertaining) which the class then had to say the name of- in english, only after first running across the room to grab a marker and whoever grabbed it first got to say the name and get the point. 

Us with the Palma family. I really love them a lot. When we come here on vacation, we're totally going to eat dinner with them and chill with their family

Ok well that's pretty much the news for this week and I have to go now. 
Love you all dearly!


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